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nasty flea sores

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We just took in a stray cat, just about a year old. She was a stray in the neighbourhood during the summer, but we just couldn't leave her out for the winter. She was very skinny, and her coat was so thin and mangy!

We didn't get her in until after a few good frosts and some really cold weather. When we got a good look at her, we noticed a lot of scabs on her - flea bites that she has scratched. (I had a cat before who scatched the same way.) We have been giving her a teaspoon of wet food that contains fish opnce a day along with her dry food. It seems to be helping, but the spots she can chew on, she does!

Can you recommend anything that coud help? By the way, thanks to the cold weather she was out in, she has no fleas now! and her coat is really starting to come in nicely.
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It's so good of you to take her in!

I wonder, could it be that she's allergic to fleas? Also, could it be that the scabs indicate ringworm?

I think you should take her to the vet for an overall check-up.
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Hi Helga. what did the vet say it was?
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