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Why'd You Name Her/Him That?

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Just wondering what reasons everyone had for naming their cats? I'm sure there are some interesting references/stories out there!

My cat's name is Tak after a cartoon character from Invader Zim (used to be on tv). But it also is "Kat" backwards. She's my "at-Tak" cat. And it works well when she's making you feel like you're having a "heart-a-Tak".

My boyfriend likes to call her Tik-Tak, or Taky-pants...

So tell me about your kitties' names!
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Well, pretty much all the animals in my family coincidentaly ended up with M names so far (atleast the animals we have currently) so I kinda wanted to keep the theme. When I went and paid for her, I came home and made a list of every M name I could think of that I liked for a cat. (She had to stay at the shelter til after she was spayed). Once I brought her home I watched her and loved on her a while and decided which name fit her!
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Sweetie- She's always been a sweetiepie


Precious- She is just a precious little doll!!

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Luna - short for lunatic. When she was a kitten, she would be playing with a mouse walk away from it, get love from me and then just POUNCE on that mouse again!
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one of my cats Ramona was named that because she was born in Ramona we named one of our other cats bandit because he has a mask
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Ace - We didn't name him. He was five years old when we adopted him. I'll have to ask Shawn's aunt why they named him Ace the next time I see her.

Skittles - I like "candy" names, and it seemed to be a good name for such a spaz kitten. Two years later, it still fits him perfectly.

Pepsi - We adopted her at the same time, and it seemed to go with Skittles. I like Coke better, but Coke didn't strike me as a good name.

Ozzy - Originally this was Shawn's little sister's cat, and she named him after Ozzy Osbourne because he is solid black and she found him at the side of the road on a Friday the 13th.

Little Miss/Smidge - Originally we were not going to keep any of the kittens Pepsi had—we tried to find homes for them—so we tried not naming them to keep from getting attached to them. (Note: that doesn't work.) So, we just called her and her sister "little miss" interchangeably. Now that she's nearly 11 months old and still weighs just five pounds, we decided that she is "just a smidge."

Tubby - Same deal. We didn't mean for Tubby to be his name, just a placeholder. He was the biggest kitten in the litter, weighing fully an ounce more than the biggest of the others when he was born. "Tubby" stuck, though sometimes we call him Tubbers or Tubs or Idjit (he's not the sharpest pencil in the box).

Whitey/Sweet Baboo - Same deal as with the other kittens. We called him Whitey because he had the most white out of all of them (they were all tuxedos). That has stuck, although he has such a sweet disposition that I also call him Sweet Baboo or just Baboo.
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Boo - when we brought her home from the humane society, she would crouch by the bed and then POP up into your face! We would be surprised, she would be surprised . . . She also has a defect in her tail that makes it about half the normal length, and it reminded us of a bobcat. So between her "bob-iness" and her "boo-iness" she became Boo.

Duncan - he's very large and regal looking and was even as a kitten, so we came up with a name to fit his look.

Tubby - he was the biggest and fatest of kittens and we were naming them all based on appearance, so he became Tubby.

Though of course now we all call them by nicknames: Boo= the Scrancher, Duncan= the Fatty, and Tubby= the Small Cat or the Smallest of Cats

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Well...Zissou was so named after Team Zissou in The Life Aquatic. I really like the movie, but that's not really why I named her it. We met her, and I was sitting in the back of the car spouting off random names and it just kinda seemed like the right one. Its fun to say. We were always going to make her the little hat and speedo from the movie but the chances of getting it on her are nil. She just seems like the kind of cat who would enjoy living on a submarine looking for a leopard shark with Bill Murray listening to techno... Too bad I'm so boring!
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Mooch and Noodles were both named after cats from the Mutts Comic strip.
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Wowzer - I didn't name her, but she was named that by my neighbor (she was his cat) because she meowed so much and it sounded like a "weow" or "wow". When she strayed to our house and decided to live here, I wanted to change it, but I didn't out of respect. I think her name should be Sassy!

Gracie - because we wanted a cat with a regular nice name (most of our other cats names that had to do with their appearance or personality... Orangie, Scaredy, Fluffy etc.)

Nate - didn't name him either. He came with that name. I wanted to change it too, but he came from my daughters bf and I'm keeping it out of respect as well.
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Here are the stories behind my babies names...

Rockybeans -- from almost the moment he was born, he and another one of the kittens both descended on the top back nipple and would fight over it. You wouldn't believe how a little tiny hours old kitten can fight. They lay there just hitting each other on the head over and over, screaming, until Mom picked her head up (must have hurt her like crazy) and made a cat sound that was probably x-rated, and they'd stop and one would find the bottom nipple. Anyway, the other kitten was all black and Rocky was black with a white belly, and he had a white face (at least cheeks). So, they were named Rocky and Apollo. Beans was added because until you guys here helped me figure out he looked like the Pink Panther, there was an old Disney cartoon character from the 30's that looked a lot like him named beans. I thought Rockybeans sounded really cute, and he likes it.

Rocky's mom's name is interesting (at least to me lol) I had to put my Fuzzbutt (that's self explanatory) to sleep sadly this past October, just a few weeks after Rocky's mom arrived. But this is exactly how I got Fuzz 15 years ago. His Mom showed up very, very pregnant, and looked very, very much like Rocky's Mom. She gave birth on the same exact spot on the sofa, and I realized that this sofa (which someone gave me 2 years ago) had the same fabric as the one 15 years ago. And I had slipped the same exact towel (old and frayed, but clean, and kept for things I need a non-used-by-humans towel for). So I was inspired.

Her name is Deja Vu.

I also had fun naming the other 3 kittens (who are in good homes):

Katie Scarlett (who was a pampered, spoiled, demanding B***y lady

Maynard G. Krebs because of the little black triangle on his white chin that looked just like a goatee

And my all-time favorite name of all the kittens...

Boogie Woogie because he had this tiny little white dot of fur right under one nostril, and I knew the rescue organization wouldn't appreciate Booger (which is really what I called him).
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Zoey - Sesame Street character. Daughter was 2 years old and wanted to name her Big Bird. We came to an "agreement"
Peanut - came with her name. Named that cause she was the runt
Snickers - multi colored, adopted with Peanut so we wanted to stay with "foods" (She was Latiffah when we adopted )
Pebbles - did a name search on all the websites, got it down to the final 10 and me and both my daughters voted. Pebbles won - (Pebbles from Flinstones)
Molly - just cause she simply looks like a Molly
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Ophelia: We talked for 2 days after she came into our lives. Nothing seemed to fit. We couldn't agree on anything. Finally, in a move of desperation (and thinking back to my English major in college), I just started naming Shakespeare's heroines. Ophelia just seemed to fit that tiny, scared, hissing ball of cute.

Trent: We tried Hamlet first. That name did NOT work! Based on his personality, it came down to either Rozz, after Rozz Williams because the kitten was definitely a whining drama queen , and Trent because when he was playing he would throw himself around on the floor like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails did on stage. He was officially given the name of Trent on the way to the vet for his first checkup.
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I had always known my first daughter's name would be Sierra. The moment my sweet baby girl and I met, so it was!

Serenity went several days being called "Little One" and "My Little Birdie", the latter due to her little birdie voice, and that knick name has stuck since she still has the same tiny voice. A dear friend of mine suggested the name Serenity, and it felt absolutely perfect for her! Serenity remains true to her name!
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I wanted to name my girl Spaz or Sonic based on her personality but it somehow didn't fit in with her royal treatment. Also being a single male I wanted to stay away from anything too fruity so I settled with..... drum roll.......

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the zee ending came about at the vet's office because there are several Daisys, a few Maisey and Gracie's.

Dazee - curious expressions reminded me of spring flowers.

Mazee - pattern on her back. She responded to the name.

Grazee - emergency vet thought she was a boy at only about 10 days old. The name was Patar until recheck 2 weeks later and Dr. Sarah pronounced Patar was a girl. She started going by Grazee.

Chanzee - went for his first visit, hadn't decided on anything yet. The office receptionist suggested it after hearing how he was found.
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I'm really enjoying the tales of how you named your little friends.

My past cats never really had creative names. Mostly because I was a child, and amazingly uncreative for one...

Let's see... Snowball, Snowflake (both white kitties ), Bear, Graybo (no idea where that came from), Smudge, Patches... Well you get the picture!

Everyone here has an interesting story to go with their names!
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tilly tiger is named after her markings and tht she is a tiger when she mouses an potty dotty was named by my oldest daughter cause its her cat.
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Jake (dog) is named after a character in a kid book series that I loved at the time that I got him (I still love them but no more stories are released, so it's the same old stuff).

Willow was named after the Pussy Willow tree, since she was the same shade of color as the grey fuzz on the leaves right before the fuzz gets shed in late spring.

Buffy was named after the character from the show (Buffy The Vampire Slayer). She went a month without a name because nothing fit, and finally we just settled with "Buffy" because we already had a "Willow," lol

Molly went 2 months without a name because, like Buffy, nothing fit her. One day we (me and my sister) were just rambling off names and "Molly" popped out of my sister's mouth. We both stopped dead, looked at each other (and my sister yelled "F**k!!!") and Molly had her name. It fits her perfectly somehow, but that's probably because of how we view the name (a "Molly" to us is a small girl, chubby but cute, with a sense of humour). Molly is all of those, lol, though she's more stocky than chubby ("solid" always pops in my mind)
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Cosette and Eponine are characters (and somewhat rivals) in the Victor Hugo book/my favorite Broadway show Les Miserables.
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Pepperpot the hubby named - said she was the colour of a Chipotle pepper - almost called hre Chipotle, but Pepperpot was easier to say

Sugarly (RIP) - was named after a vet in a fantasy book Dr Sugarly Dobbs, who was a vet to mythical creatures

Excalibur and Merlin were named after the sword and wizard

Striker was striking, but he really is only named gweeky as he doesn't meow - he gweeks!
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Love to hear about everyone's names. You are all much more creative then I am!

Lucky: well everyone can pretty much guess that something happened to her. At about 3.5-4weeks old she went out exploring and ended up running across a busy street and I watched her go between the tires of a car. She popped out the other side (meowing the whole way - i think she was telling off the driver!) and fell down into a ditch. I turned around and went to find her...and when she saw me she came running towards me. I think we were both Lucky that day.

Rambo: well...Rambo was a little hellion when i saw him in the cage at the shelter. He was wrestling with 5 of his brothers and sisters and was a total fighter. So he got his name...pretended to be a fighter for a few more days...and has since become a total suck and lovebug. He's been nicknamed Deuce (Bigalow - male gigalo) because Rambo LOVES everything and everyone.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Cosette and Eponine are characters (and somewhat rivals) in the Victor Hugo book/my favorite Broadway show Les Miserables.
I love that musical! If you get a boy will it be Gavrouche?
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I will apologize to those who have heard this before, but here goes:

Galadriel (aka "Molly") and I share a Dad named "Lord-of-the-Rings," and we were both named after characters in Tolkien's books/Jackson's movies. Each of Dad's 15 kittens, every one a CFA Grand Champion, were named after one of these classic characters. We can say "Hello" in person if you click on the HTML links in our siggy.

Ann decided that Galadriel was too much of a mouthful when she gave her a scolding, and she got her house name of Molly, which I do think fits her well. She is such a cute, good-natured little girl. Jim, however, says that he prefers her registered name, which always reminds him of Cate Blanchett. He did put his foot down when Ann suggested that my disposition might sometimes be better suited if my house name were "Gollum," an unkind thing to say.

All the best to all of you kind readers,

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mine are all named after computer components. Pixel & Mouse were first - littermates. then when i found Cable, i thought she was a boy, so that's why [at least to me] her name is a little masculine sounding. Java was next - i had a poll here to help me select a name for her. the 2 ferals outside are called Apple & Mac [both girls, i think]. & now i have Chip, whom the shelter called Bear - but he was a stray, so who knows what his name originally was! his name was suggested by some TCS people - i was thinking of Port, but liked Chip better.
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Mystik got her name because she was just so graceful and she has an "M" on her forehead so we called her "Mystik."

Tracii Guns got his name because I was gonna call him "Mosh" but he wasn't exactly hyper enough to have that name then my friend was like "Why don't you just name him after like..your favorite guitarist or something?" so I said "OK! his name is Tracii Guns!" Because Tracii is my favorite guitar player.

Jack Daniels got his name because I wanted him to have a sort of "Metalhead" name and one of the biggest rules in the world of Metal is.."Don't let good Jack Daniels go to waste!"
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Spaz - she is one, she has invisible friends that talk her into doing the craziest/stupidest things.

Shadow -If my fiance' is home, Shadow is always with him, his shadow.

Cassi -Came to us with the name Cassiopiea, too much name, we shortened it.

Ivory -came with the name, still her official name, but we call her Bug, because she's a cuddlebug, a buggaboo, a pest, she will bug you for various reasons.

Vash -Anyone who has ever watched the anime, Trigun and then met this cat will understand.

Trouble -His name is his game.
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Little Miss/Smidge - Originally we were not going to keep any of the kittens Pepsi had—we tried to find homes for them—so we tried not naming them to keep from getting attached to them. (Note: that doesn't work.) So, we just called her and her sister "little miss" interchangeably. Now that she's nearly 11 months old and still weighs just five pounds, we decided that she is "just a smidge."
Can I take evnshaw's answer?

11 mns ago I adopted Smidge from a shelter. They told me she was full grown, even though she was v. petite at 5.5lbs..and her ribs were showing. I had a long list of names to try, nothing fit, I waited for the right name to come to me and in the mean time I called her "just a smidge of a cat" or Smidgen to her face She answered to Smidge within three days...so I had no choice

This is after I made fun of my friend's cats's name - in jest - hers are LIttle and Minnie. Then I do the same thing, give her a "little" name. Figures...

I wanted a clever name for her, or one that fit her situation...but I'm no good at that. I wouldnt mind a pretty name for her b/c she's so cute...but Smidge told me it is Smidge, there you go. Oh, and she weighs at least 10 lbs and double in length after she got home...maybe they were wrong about her age?

Oh - her name has morphed to Smidgey-Pot-Pie...she went to Smidge to Smidgey-Pie 'cause she is such a sweetie-pie, to Smidgey-Pie-Pie which became Smidgey-Pot_pie. Not sure how all that happened.
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Tailer was named that because when he was a kitten he had an unusually long tail. He was a rescue and had been on his own a while and was really, really scrawny (not a problem any more). Pretty much all there was to him was bad breath and tail.

Harvey was named after the old Jimmy Stewart movie with the rabbit that only he could see. Harvey's so shy that we're the only ones who ever see him.

Forest was named after Forrest Gump because of his disability. He has cerebellar hyperplasia, so he's a wobbly, bobbly cat. He was found in a dumpster with his brother, who was all black. Our vet, who took him in, named him Forest and his brother Bubba. (They also taught him to come running when you tell him "Run, Forest, Run"!)
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Originally Posted by Tari
Forest was named after Forrest Gump because of his disability. He has cerebellar hyperplasia, so he's a wobbly, bobbly cat. He was found in a dumpster with his brother, who was all black. Our vet, who took him in, named him Forest and his brother Bubba. (They also taught him to come running when you tell him "Run, Forest, Run"!)
I love that, how precious. I'm sure he is a sweetie pie!
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