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Getting a new kitten

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Im not sure if this is the appropriate board to be posting in about this..so..mods feel free to move it if need be.

I have an extremely spoiled 7 year old cat that gets treated like a human child, lol.
Recently I've kind of been entertaining the idea of getting a new kitten.
Well, my cat is very jealous and hes just glued to my mother and I all the time. I was just wondering if it would be a bad idea to get a new kitten? Would he get depressed or anything?

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I'll move this to Behavior since you're asking about two cats.
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My suggestion would be to either get one older cat or two kittens. Once they get used to each other one kitten may drive your older kitty crazy with all the energy and wanting to play constantly. Two kittens will wear each other out and leave your older kitty in peace.
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I agree with Denice. I am not really expierenced with older cats and getting new kittens, but I did do that once, The old fella definiatly let the Kitten know when he was annoying him..lol.., but didnt actually harm him. I dont think that it would be a major problem, im sure they would get used to eachother eventually. But two kittens...that's a great idea, double trouble, and double fun!!!
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