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These toys look really good.

I've been looking around for safe toys, for awhile now....

These look safe and bright filled with catnip, i've ordered lots of them!!

Thought someone else might like the link!!

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A few of them are highly popular with my three (mainly the fish - I even sent them with SS last year)

But we find that the ring and oral care ones are rather unappealing We have almost every version of the toys and the only use is with the fish!

I hope your like them more than mine!
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Oh my two have some of those!.

Sarah it was you that bought the girls the fish and the chew ring wasn't it?

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My lot tend to go for anything!

There toys were getting rather old, I think mousey is on his last legs.

Simba carrys him everywhere, I was in bed one night, and I could feel something under my back, it was mousey!!

I think Simba left him as a present!!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Oh my two have some of those!.

Sarah it was you that bought the girls the fish and the chew ring wasn't it?

Yes it was! Tibby and Molly insisted that Rosie and Sophie get some!

Great picture of Rosie, she looks so wide eyed and intrigued!
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They are Abi's favorite toys. especially that tunnel thing. I cut the end out of one and sewed two together with littloe place for her to pop in and out and she adores it... she also like the teether and the crinkly fish.

her other fav non pet stages toy is a kenya bag from the 1970's. she loves to nestle in there
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These are the best! My kittens love EVERYTHING i have bought from petstages, and so it's my favorite brand too. Usually they ignore the random things i getfrom the pet store, but with these they like them all. Good choice!
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My Cats only played with the fish for the first two days, and I tried them all, you would think with 9 cats someone would like them...I tried the rings, ball, etc....I just have picky little things.
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