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Simba and Star ahve become extremly destructive lately.

They've been tearing all the wallpaper off in the hall then chewing, and same with my curtains, and wallpaper through the house.
It's got that bad past few weeks, were going to have to repaper the hall and the kitchen. there were literally ripping out chunks, I brought this up to the vet when they had there jabs the other week, he said it couldbe teething, or the fact the wallpapers stripey!! it's not in the hall though.

Are they teething?

I noticed Star was chewing on there activity center like mad,

They can't be bored, I play with them hours all day, like today, I haven't gone out, I've been with them all day, and he was chewing the paper.

Also Simba was chewing my finger, not biting to hurt, like he was trying to get relif for gums.

I've ordered some of these

along with some other chew toys.

there mummy Missy had simmlar problems as a kitten chewing, she doesn't do it now.
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If it is teething, the chew toys will greatly relieve their discomfort.
Oh and start repapering once the teething stage is over.
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I have never had kitties do that! But I have kids, so always have toys around for them to steal and play with, and chew on! I have heard that cats don't like citrus...so maybe you can find a spray to treat the walls? Just be careful that it is non toxic, and won't stain.
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I've never had kittys do it either! Missy was the first, and Simba and Star seem the same.
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