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Oh no!

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I just saw the saddest thing on my way home. On the road before you get to my apartment complex, i was driving along and before I got to my turn off I noticed two cars kinda stopped and a guy got out of one. At first I thought they had had a wreck, then in the opposite lane I saw a dog lying there, not moving. I don't know whether those people hit it, or someone else did and just left it there, but the guy getting out of the van was going to teh closest house, I guess looking for the owner. I really almost started crying! It makes me so sad and so mad at the same time. People in this town are very bad about not keeping their animals where they are safe and it drives me crazy. Please keep this poor dog in your thoughts.
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That poor dog...it's always so heartbreaking when things like that happen.
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thats awful poor doggy, I hope he did'nt suffer any -did he pass on, or were you to upset to look that closly? If he did pass, RIP sweet doggy
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Prayers for the poor dog.

When I was a kid we had a Lab mix who broke his chain. (FYI Max was indoors most of the time and when he was out he was on a very long chain). My Mom didn't even realize he was loose yet and there was a knock on our door. A man was carrying Max, who appeared to be dead. The guy had a huge dent in his door where Max had run into his car! The next thing I knew, Max sprung back to life. He had just been knocked out!

Sometimes accidents are accidents, but like AshleyNicole said, people don't keep their animals safe! I have seen 2 dead cats and 2 dead dogs in the road in front of one house within a year! THAT makes me sick!
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I'm not sure if he was alive still or not. As I said, someone had already stopped so I did not. I do think his eyes were closed, which makes me hope he was just unconscious (if his eyes had been open and he was not moving then I would have thought he was dead). As you said, if he did pass I hope it was quickly, and if not I hope he is getting good help.
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I hate seeing that... Poor puppy....
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