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That's the dinner bell. What's on the menu for tonight? We're going to the nearest pub for a burger.
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My husband has a meeting tonight... so no requirement for dinner.

I think I'm going to have a ham and cheese sandwich.
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Were having a roast with potatoes and broccoli (I love coming to my parents for dinner!)
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Were having a roast with potatoes and broccoli (I love coming to my parents for dinner!)
Me too!! 4th night in a row at mom's!! tonight's menu is fish and pierogies yummy yum yum!
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Maybe pizza - I wanted Chicken Kiev, but I don't think John likes it
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Leftovers - pork roast and turkey loaf (you know, the "white trash" turkey in the aluminum pan?).
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We ate nachos and then all of a sudden it was 10pm... too late to eat a meal
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Hoping to go out to dinner. We're on vacation and going into town for a movie. Hope that evolves into dinner as well. After all, I'm on vacation, too!
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I'm really craving pizza...but I have a fridge full of food and a debit card that really wants to spend some uninterrupted quality time in my wallet.
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Gingered tuna, vegetarian eggrolls, and some kind of veggie. I want bean sprouts, but the store may not have them.
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I had jambalaya!
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Eggs and anything thats expiring soon.
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We had Popeye's (fried chicken fast food joint) leftovers from a banquet we served at work today. I work for a non-profit org that works with people with disabilities. One of our big events every year is a basketball game where a few kids from several of the high schools around the state play a charity game and consumers from my company participate too. So as thanks, they get a tour of local government buildings (which they just loooove right?) and Popeye's donates lunch, so the staff from my office serves it and decorates and what not. So we get the leftovers. Easy dinner for me!
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We went to eat mexican
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The cook was on strike (well, not really, but engaged in a major "IDONWANNA"). We had pizza. Everybody's happy.
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well since its 9 am here i dont know what we are having for dinner
But last night was lamb schnitzle with mash potatoes and bay carrots and cabbage

For brunch i am having left over pasta i made with rahm sauce!
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I has Cecil Whitikers Pizza!!!
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We ate subway last night and tonight I am FINALLY going to make that chicken.....
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yesterday, i had nachos for dinner. today i'm planning on pork roast with rice & gravy.
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Leftover vegetable lasagna, from a couple nights ago. It's DH's bowling night, so I don't have to cook and can watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition without having to hear about it!
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Pancakes and sausage tonight for dinner
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