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New Cat Owner

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Hello Everyone! I have recently rescued a young cat from a shelter this past Saturday. She is a siamese mix. Her name is Mollie! She is a little under a year old. She has an Upper Resp Infection and is taking medicine for it. I just wondered how long it will take for her to adjust and if she will ever be one of those cats that come and greet me, take naps with me, and just lay on the lap? I live alone in a studio apartment. She has adjusted quite well I think. She loves her fishing pole! Also purrs when I pet her. But that is just it, I have to come to her. I know I have only had her since Saturday and she is on medicine, but is she doing ok for just being adopted. The only life she knew was in a shelter. I want to make sure I am doing everything right! Any advice would be great!
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Welcome to TCS, Karscott & Mollie! Please post pics soon! I know that you will get lots & lots of excellent advice from the others here. For my part, I would like to suggest gently stroking her under the chin, behind the ears & even the eyelids & upper cheeks, if she feels comfortable with it (you will be imitating a mother cat grooming her kit). I had taken in a cat that grew up half-wild at a rest area - she took a bit to warm up - now she fights the others for a place on my lap!! Hurray that you rescued her from the shelter!!! Socialization takes time with cats, but that's because they are complex creatures which means that the rewards will be great!! My cats and I join Mollie in celebrating her new adoption into a real home with a loving family! Susan
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Some cats will be lap cats, others will always need their own space. My girl just started to get cuddly after being really independant (she's 3 now).

Give her some time to warm up to you and her new situation. She'll start to be more like herself when her infection clears up, I'm sure.

You can entice her to come to you by giving her little treats. Hide a treat in your pocket, call Mollie, then give her the treat when she comes. You can also call her when you feed her. She'll start to connect your voice with food and comfort and love. And make sure you give her lots and lots of pets and cuddles... on her terms, of course!

I'm so happy that Mollie has a forever-home with you! Welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a cat!
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Thank you for your warm welcoming! Mollie does love her face stroked. She also will let me pet her belly once or twice...while purring! Even after I give her, her medicine she doesn't go run and hide! I guess all these are good signs she is adjusting! I have read I have to be patient..I just can't wait for that day to come home when she greets me at the door and sleeps with me at night!
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You've had her so very briefly- the stress from being moved into a new environment has to be incredible. Add to that the stress from being sick and the wonky way antibiotics can make you feel... well, just don't judge her too quickly.

FWIW I adopted a new kitty on February 24 and he was extremely sick with URI for two weeks- spending one of them at the vets being tube fed. He is just now settling in with his true personality, so that took a full month.

Give her time. I would pet her and love on her only when she came to me- don't insist on petting her when she isn't enjoying it. A simple "hello" and a scratch behind the ears is ok, but no marathon petting sessions.

Interactive play as she feels like it, and try to project kindness and gentle love at her even when you are not actively interacting. When she stares at you slowly blink your eyes at her- that is a kitty equivalent for "let's be friends".

Soon she will love you back. It is just that "now" is an incredibly stressful time in her life.
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You are all so right! I am going to try it tonight when I go home from work! Also... is it ok she is home alone during the day? I keep the TV on for her. I figured this might help in the beginning as well
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Mollie sounds like a real sweetie - what a lucky girl!
Congrats on your new baby!

So far so good IMO. I think it is v. encouraging she allowed you to touch her belly already - I always heard that exposing their belly is a sign of trust with you.

Definately dont force yourself on her - no matter how much you want to squish her and dote on her. Give her bits of affection, speak with her softly but patiently wait for her to make headway on overtures first. Every kitty is on their own timetable.

My cat is alone all day too. I leave soft music on for her sometimes..but usually she hangs in the window - she has a great view of the birds and squirrels. My mom comes over and plays with her too while i'm at work - Smidge loves that!

Do you have toys out for her? Try leaving three out and then rotate so she doesnt get bored.
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I think home alone is fine- she's probably enjoying the calm after the hectic shelter life. I would find a way to give her a comfortable area next to a window, but no stress is exactly what she needs IMO.
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I like your kitties name b/c it's my name , it's even spelled right. Good job!! Give her as much affection as she wants and be patient. Not all cats are going to be super duper friendly, but I bet she will be hanging around you in no time, especially at dinner time.
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I'm a long time cat lover. I have a cat named Baby in my home; she didn't like me. I've been working on her. It's like having a whole new cat for the first time.
I have three other cats that love me. Sometimes it's the cat. They do adjust.
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Don't worry too much about it. She obviously likes your company, and will eventually probably start coming to YOU for it.

Our Sunny didn't come to US for affection for a while. Her and her brother are about two took until she was about nine months to really start asking for lovin'. She only wants to lay on my lap maybe once every two it's very cherished. She does want attention every now and then, asks for love and to be pet, but doesn't lay down on my lap as often as she asks for love.

Be patient...your baby loves you and wants your love...she'll start asking eventually. They really can't get enough...
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I have had my two girls for about 2 1/2 months and in the beginning they really wanted nothing to do with me, but they would let me pet them when I went to them. About two weeks ago, Layla started coming to me for attention by head butting my legs. The frequency is also increasing as we speak. However, Stevie is still more independent and both girls are not lap cats. I am not sure if it's just taking time for their personalities to come out or if they will never be lap cats, but I can say that if you give your kitty time, she will come around!!

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Give your siamese X time, time, time to adjust. Kitties with URI can take weeks and weeks to fully recover. Sounds like a great cat and I'm sure she'll become more affectionate.
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