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Who likes to go to yard/garage sales?

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I used to love going to them with my grandma when I was little.

Hopefully Tara and I will get to go this summer since we live together now. I hope we'll find some good deals too.

Anybody have any success stories on a deal you've found or just from having your own yard sale?

Quite a few years ago my dad and brother had one just after we moved into our new house. It was supposed to start at 8 but this guy came at 7:15 and bought all of our little play semi trucks. He got some, went to the ATM and came back and bought the rest. We had $100 before we even started. We ended up making $1300 that day. So we decided to go to the races that night and we were able to walk in for free because there wasn't anybody there to pay at the gate we usually went in. What a great deal!
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I love anything like that!! Especially Car Boot Sales!

I have bought many vintage computers and loads of other goodies that would make me a mint if only I could part with them!

One of my best bargains was a fully boxed Speak and Spell that I bought for £2 and saw it for sale elsewhere (without box) for £58!!!

I also bought a Cine Camera and projector (for £1) from a kid who was rummaging through the same skip as my friend and I!
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I love going to yard sales!! We found this really cool old painting of a knight, he is really mean looking. I don't know if its worth anythign but its cool!!
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I LOVE yard sales I can't wait till the weather gets springy so I can go rummaging (sp)

The best deal I ever got was- last year, a couple across the alley had a moving sale, and I guess they did'nt advertise well or something,because about 4pm they started carrying "good" stuff to the dumpster we happened to be outside and were like, hey we'll take some of that stuff if you don't want it. So they were like come on over and take whatever you want-- --- we had all kinds of goodies- entertainment centers, mirrors, paintings, china, I mean nice stuff thats where Willy got his humongous eyore too

The best yard sale ever
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I ised to dgo with my Aunt all the time in the summer. I would love to go, but I work 8:30-5 M-F and also Sat so unless I take some time off of work....
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I used to be a garage sale addict, but I've tamed down some. I have no where else to put things!
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I love going, but I hate going with my husband.

I kinda just like to browse, quickly glance to see if there is anything I like, and if there is, I'll take a closer look.

Well, my husband has to look at, pick up, and inspect every single item at each and every sale.

I can usually tell in 5 minutes if it's going to be a sale I'm going to want to stick around at... if not, I want to get the heck out of there and head to another one.

The last really good deal I got was a bat house. I had wanted once for about a year and had been pricing them, so I knew what they were worth ($25-$50). Well, I got a brand spanking new bat house (just the type I was looking for) for $4
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I like going with my Mom and Aunts - they always find good deals!

One year we had a garage sale and I sold 2 of my prom dresses (I went to 3 proms), for about $50 more than they were worth!

I can usually tell by walking up there if it'll be a good sale, sometimes I can find cute decorating things for the apartment (lamps, tables, ect.) if I'm lucky!
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Not me! BORING! Junk! YUKKY! Having to go to garage sales is my idea of he!!
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I don't get a chance to go to too many as I drive past lots and never have any cash on me!! I run my plant sale as a specific type of yard sale. I might sell some gardening related items DH makes like rustic barnboard birdhouses or benches. I have for one evening for "prior' customers and then on a Saturday and Sunday. This is my 7th yr and I keep lists and do lots of marketing!!!
I would love to find the next Antiques Roadshow treasure!!
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I LOVE them! I wish more men liked going! That's a rare find!
Gail, let me know when and where, maybe I'll stop up and surprise you!
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I FIL is addicted. I tend to go and just look at books. I once picked up a box of about 40 paperpacks for $5.

Now I also look for kid's videos for Kevin.
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Ooo...I like going to them. The last few times I was disappointed since all the ones I went to had baby stuff (cribs,etc) and I dont currently have any plans for one right now!

We held a garage sale many years ago. We were all so jealous of my sister since she was selling Gantos and high end stuff for $2-$3 each (that was back when she'd wear something once and claim it was already out of style). She made $800 in one day off all her clothes. I started buying better clothes then since I couldnt even make 50 cents off my Kmart clothes!
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I like to look around. Most of my cat dishes come from tag sales - I buy plates and saucers and whatnot for $.25 or less and use them for the cats. It works out great.
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Originally Posted by GailC
I would love to find the next Antiques Roadshow treasure!!
I love that show!

As for garage sales, oh yeah, love 'em!
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My BF and I both like to stop at garage sales if we pass one that looks good.
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I LOVE garage/yard sales!!! I have an annual yard sale every year... I have a 3 year old boy, so I always have loads of stuff to get rid of, but then I always end up at everyone elses and my motto is Some one's junk is some else's treasure....haha yea mine!
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I love that kind of thing. Although garage sales I have found aren't too great normally. But I also like second hand stores!
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I love yard sales! If you have a book exchange in your area, you can buy books with a high cover price, even if you don't want to read them, and get credit for them to get books you do want to read. I think the one I go to gives 40% of the cover price for trade ins.
I have been finding good deals on candles lately. I have picked up several $15-$20 candles for a dollar. I found a tart burner that looks like a Japanese teapot for 25 cents. A lot of people are moving in and out of Jacksonville this year, so there should be some good ones.
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I love garage sales! I do not have an actual job, but I buy things at garage sales and sell them on ebay. I once bought a Burberry kilt for $1.80 (I bought a lot of items at the same garage sale and then divided the total by the number of items) which I later sold on ebay for nearly $300 ... this is probably my biggest turn around yet.

I go on Friday mornings with my mother in law.
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I enjoy going, but just hate crawling out of bed so early to get to them!! I need to go to some this weekend, if I can manage to get outta bed!
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I would love to go too... But I'm another one that also has difficulty getting out of bed and motivated enough to actually go somewhere that early... That and I have very little perusing (sp??) patience. I like everything to be well organized and I get bored/frustrated very easily...
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We go to the occasional yard sale, but we're seldom up that early willingly on a weekend to get the good stuff.
A couple of weeks ago I was walking a dog one evening when I saw a decent bookcase and desk chair sitting near a dumpster. I looked at it and it was in great condition. So I dropped off the dog, unlocked my van doors and drove it up and reversed by the dumpster, all ready to haul off my find. It took me no more than 10 minutes to get the car there, and by that time the bookcase was gone. So I thought "oh well, I'll grab that chair anyway", turned around and some woman was looking at it. She lugged it aweay with her! Holy cow! How many people are there hanging around this dumpster for crying out loud. I got home empty handed, but my husband was proud of me for trying.
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