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We have babies!

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We have four KITTENS! Three boys and one girl! Angie started last night about 12:15AM and finished by 4:45AM. My fiancé called me and told me it was starting so I had to make a quick trip to the drug store to get some of the things we forgot the other night then I got home quickly. Angie’s first kitten was feet first and it was very hard on her. It took 40 minutes for her to deliver that one. The next came exactly one hour later, then the third exactly an hour after that. The fourth one popped out quickly only a half hour later. He also was feet first but seemed to be easier on her. The second kitten came very quickly only one minute of pushing and it was all out!

Rosie, the third kitten and only girl, for sure is going to stay with us. When she was born she did not cry like the others and she wouldn’t move when Angie cleaned her. I had to take a towel and stimulate her to cry and wiggle. It took a good few minutes but she finally began to cry. She is quite a bit smaller than the others and it took her longer to latch onto her mother. I have always wanted a Calico kitty and I absolutely fell in love with the little one trying to help her to live. Angie is very protective over her too, more so than the boys.

There are quite a few pictures so some are links and some are posted so it wont be so rough for the page to load. (I hope they are the right size and are not blury)

Bull, born 12:55AM White with black spots and tabby striped markings on his tail.

Link to Bull’s face picture:

Sammy, boy born 1:45AM White with black spots and tabby striped tail.

Link to Sammy’s face:

Rosie, girl born 2:52AM Calico White and black with red patches on head and tail

Link to Rosie’s face

Mr. Whiskers a.k.a. Whiskey, boy White and black with half black nose and black chin (looks like a beard)

Link to Mr. Whiskers body pic

Here is Tired Mom after it was all over:

Here is mom and kittens in their box…. Mom is cleaning up a bit.
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Congratulations! They are so beautiful!
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Awwwww! Cuteness Alert! Congrats on the relatively smooth delivery and fat, happy babies!

How is Miss Angie doing? Is she being a good mommy?
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Originally Posted by gayef
Awwwww! Cuteness Alert! Congrats on the relatively smooth delivery and fat, happy babies!

How is Miss Angie doing? Is she being a good mommy?
Angie is doing great and is very protective. She was a bit freaked out at first and tried to run around the house but we managed to keep her in the box. I dont think she understood what happened and what that was squeeking at her. We helped her out a bit and her instinct kicked in really quickly. She even ate everything she needed to eat. The first kitten is a little booger... he keeps trying to wonder off from mom and has scared her quite a few times when he gets "lost" and starts squeeling. Thats how he earned the name bull... because he is so fiesty.
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they all look a lot like their mom - do you know what the dad looked like?
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Originally Posted by laureen227
they all look a lot like their mom - do you know what the dad looked like?
Yeah the father is our Samuel. Our cats are strictly indoor, only time outside is when we move and they are crated then. We had some finacial trouble and wasn't able to get them fixed on schedule. Samuel is now neutered, Stormy spayed and Angie will be as soon as kittens are old enough so they can all go at once.

It is one of the things I regret most in my life watching her give birth just days after her first birthday.
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Originally Posted by Stormysmom
It is one of the things I regret most in my life watching her give birth just days after her first birthday.
Its ok. Different people have varying opinions on when cats should give birth but I think this is the perfect time. Things happen, but she is perfectly ready for the responsibility physically & emotionally at 1 year of age (IMO) and maybe even a little before. So I wouldn't put yourself down about it. My girl is due exactly on her birthdate as well.
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Congrads on those cuties Don't be sad about her having kittens, you meant to get her/them fixed, but sometimes stuff happens. In this case you are blessed with beautiful babies
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Solarity: Who is prego in your house?
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1 year old is not too young for most healthy females to give birth. There is a lot of "propaganda" out there about the specific age to begin breeding and most information available will tell you it isn't responsible to allow a breeding at less than one year old. But, as cats are individuals and some may mature faster than others, it is as unique as snowflakes. IMO, to let a female cycle in and out of estrus endlessly until she is a year old is a LOT more stressful on the body than a pregnancy at a year old.
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All are very cute. Don't be surprised at the little calico showing a bit more red later - have had tortie born with only 2 spots of red and as they grew, wound up with more lovely red color in the coat.

And you also have a very "typical" color genetics litter. Mom was black/white, dad was red, so the kittens would be calico for all females and black (or blue if both had carried the dilute gene)/white males

BTW, those "stripes" will disappear - only reason they show now is the fact that dad is a tabby - all the kits carry the tabby gene from him.
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They're SO sweet. This is such a great site!
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Just darling! More pics more pics!
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Wow they are so cute! I cant wait for holly to have hers....Seems there is a trend happening as Holly is 1 yr old on the 30th march and due anyday now, quite a few have had kittens right at 1 yr old..strange must be a kitty thing.
Holly will be fixed after kittens are weaned
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They are absolutely adorable, I am in love!
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Guess what guys... my fiance called me when he got home...we had a surprise kitten born. So now we have five! I could have sworn Angie was finished or I never would have left her alone. When I left it had been four hours since she delivered what I thought was the last kitten.

This kitten is a girl calico and is doing just fine. Angie did really well on her own poor thing. This girl is the only one of her siblings who doesnt have moms black mask. Her little head is patched red tan and black her body is mostly white and her little tail is patched red and white with the tip of it black. My camera batteries went dead earlier so I dont have pics of this little gal yet but I will soon! Her name is yet to be determined. We were thinking Hannah. Any sugestions?...(they are temporary names until they go to their new mommies and daddies.)

I am a bit concerned... Angie didnt seem to have any milk coming in when she had her first kitten... now there is a little bit coming in droplets.... is this normal? I have been trying to give the kittens some KMR just incase but they wont take it with what we have. Should I be concerned or is this normal?

Also the girls are not as agressive when it comes to the fighting over the "good" nipples. They seem to have more of a problem finding them too.

I hope im being a worry wort and nothing is really wrong.

Thanks for all the help you have all been.
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Ooooh another little girlie-girl and a surprise one at that! Bless little Miss Angie, she is such a good girl!
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AWW~how sweet! I cant wait for Chloe to have her babies. We are in the same boat, she didnt get fixed in time, and the neighbors kitty must of known it But thats ok, cause I am so looking forward to these fur babies Then she will be spayed as soon as she can get spayed.
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Wow, that's amazing. Angie must be a really good mom! As far as the milk goes - have you been trying to express it yourself? I've heard it's VERY difficult for a human to express milk from a cat. (Also, I don't know if it's true with cats, but when humans have babies, the first "milk" is colostrum, and it just looks like a colorless substance, but it's pure vitamins and antibodies - very good stuff.) If the babies are falling asleep on the nipple, and have tight little tummies, and not crying during or after feeding they should be fine. I was told that all cats have 8 nipples (there are 2 way up under their forelegs), so they should have enough, but it seems that there are favorite spots so those sometimes get fought over.
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Oh wow, how precious! Great big congratulations to you and Angie! Welcome, little ones
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I did some checking around today and I found a place that will spay and neuter the litter and mom fairly cheap when they are ready. $25 for males $40 for females. This makes me extremely happy! Also thankful that our babies were mostly boys or it would cost alot more.
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