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I will miss you

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This is for my Tinkerbell. There really are no words at this point to describe how broken my heart is.
Tinkerbell was rescued at 4 weeks old in a untility room at an apartment complex. I went to Helping Paws to drop of 2 kittens we had been socializing. I took one look at this kitten and fell in love. I drove all the way home thinking about her. When I got home, I told Ken about her and he told me to go get her. I drove the 40 minutes back to get her. She quickly stole everyone's heart. I became her mother and she was right beside me wherever I went. This year, she received the award for 7th best household pet in the Nation with AACE.
Sunday April 28th Tinkerbell was not as active. Monday the 29th I took Tinkerbell to the vet for an xray and bloodwork. Her vet told me she may have fatty liver disease, but there was no real explanation. We brought her home, gave her antibiotics and fluid. I syringe fed her and kissed her goodnight. This morning when I went to give her fluids and feed her, she had already passed away.
My babygirl was only 2, and this was very sudden. I don't think I will ever be able to express how much I loved her and how very much I am going to miss her.

My babygirl Tinkerbell 4-15-00 to 04-30-02
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My heart aches at your loss. I know full well what you are going through and I wish I had the words to make the journey easier. The truth is, this type of journey is never easy. There is a candle lit in my window to light Tinkerbell's way. I wish you peace in the coming days.

"Second star to the right, and straight on till morning." Go play in the grass now Tinkerbell and find all your friends.
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Oh Sandie My heart goes out to you I'm so very sorry for your loss. Tinkerbell was very lucky to have had you as a mommy, you and your family will be in my thoughts
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I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Tinkerbell was a beautiful cat and she was lucky she found you.

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for your loss. No words can take the pain. I'm so sorry.
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Oh Sandie, I am so sorry for your loss. Tinkerbell had two wonderful years with you and Ken and I'm sure she thanked you for taking her in every day. At least she did not suffer, and she knew how you completely loved her. She was beautiful.

You have an angel looking out for you just as you did for her. She'll be waiting at the Bridge for you!
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Sandie, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Tinkerbell was a beauty and sounds like she was an awesome cat. My thoughts go out to you and your family.
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Oh, Sandie, I am so sorry to her about your Tinkerbell. She was beautiful. But, I am happy that you and her found each other, for I'm sure you made her short life a very happy one. We're here for you.
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Thank you all for your support. Being cat lovers, I am sure you understand that it's just as painful as loosing a family member. I am still wondering how I will face tomorrow. I have decided to send off her bloodwork. I would like to try and find out what happened to my babygirl. Tomorrow Trails End will pick her up from work and I am having her creamated. I am having her put in an oak box with a place for her picture. Although I know I did everything I could for her, it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.
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As you know Sandie I never visit this section but was on the phone with Rene tonight and she told me. Please accept my deepest condolances and the tears are flowing down my face. I know how you feel and nobody can ever take her place. She will still be with you always -- in your hearts and you will always have fond memories of her along with the rest of us who have had the special priviledge of knowing (and judging) her. You will be very missed Tinkerbell not only by your family but by the rest of us. Now I've gotta go light a candle in the window for her safe crossing.

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I just saw this, Sandie, I'm so sorry for your loss Tinkerbell was so lucky to have you, and you her. Sometimes the ones we love just aren't with us long enough.

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So sorry for your loss Sandie and Ken ( and Kylee too ). She was very lucky to have you guys for her 2 short years. I am sure she loved you as much as you did her.
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Sandie - I am sorry that I missed your post until now. Tinkerbell was a beautiful kitty and I know that there is an empty aching hole in your heart now. You are in my thoughts.
May each day heal your heart a tiny bit.
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We got all the bloodwork back today. Her Dr can only come up with a type of hepatitis. Her liver shut down very quickly. There was no warnings and I only had 3 days before it took her life. There may have been an underlying heart condition or something you couldn't tell from the bloodwork, but we won't know. I did not want a necropsy done, I wanted her to leave the way she came into this world. I will be getting her ashes back next wednesday. I asked that she be creamated with her baby blanket as well. Tinkerbell was such an awsome cat and a her time on earth was way too short. I don't think there will be a day that goes by for the rest of my life, that I won't think about her
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful, Tinkerbell. When the time comes, your beloved pet will be waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge for you. Peace and comfort, today and tomorrow.

NanaT (Terri)
Mom of Otis, put to rest April 30th, 2002
and Simon, his 5 mo old Kitty Brother
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im so sorry.
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In Loving Memory Of Tinkerbell

In My long coat of coffee and cream
I knew you saw my fairy wings.
With you on earth for a little while, We had many a happy smile.
In your heart I will stay for every single day.


Poem By
Marie Risley
written for Sandie
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Words never seem like enough, but...

I offer my condolences. I'm very, very sorry.

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Sandie-I'm very sorry to hear about Tinkerbell. This is the first time that I've visited this section, so sorry this is a little late. I'm sure she was your little girl. Just remember that someday you two will meet again.
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Sandie, I know I am terribly late with this, but I just now read about it, after getting your PM, and I just want to add here, that my heart is heavy for you...losing our fur babies is as hard as losing a human loved one sometimes....we just love them so much, they become part of the family, and not just a pet. They are like our children, and it is so hard to say goodbye.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and I am here if you ever need to talk. I am so very sorry.
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