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Georgia Area Meetup

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Okay Since we haven't really decided on a set location I thought I would make a poll on the different locations and decide that way.Anyone interested in attending this meetup please vote!!
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Thanks to the mods for getting the poll up for me!!
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Your welcome. I've learnt how to do something new today

Enjoy your meet up everyone
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For out England TCS meet up i am getting a t shirt made saying FWAN
WIth a picture of kaylee and Teufel!
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That is a cute idea!! I think people would laugh at me for wearing a t-sirth that says Phenomsmom and a picture of a cat on it!! But who cares I might have to steal your idea!!
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I live in Statesboro, and I would LOVE to meet y'all.
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Woohoo! Savannah's in the lead!
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So far it looks like I am gong to miss out on this meet up! Perhaps I will find a decent car for a decent price and my insurance won't shyrocket and I will make it to Savannah!! cross your fingers guys!!
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Hey brandi, don't worry, if nothing else you can always hitch a ride with me!! Not like we live that far away!
I voted Savannah too, but Augusta is also fine! I'm honestly fine with where ever would result in the biggest meet up!
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Sorry, I won't be able to make it...
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Savannah is cool ... I could make myself sick at The Lady and Sons, lol
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Hi guys! I went ahead and voted because depending on when you all decide to have your meet-up, I might be able to come...if it's held in Savannah. I'd love to finally get to meet you guys, AND I looooove Savannah so we'll have to see.
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That is awesome!! We want as many people to come from around here as possible. It looks like it will be Savannah!
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YAY for Savannah! (Oh man, never thought I'd be saying that!)
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