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Is this bad???

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As i've written before I am driving to Virginia to visit my sis from about April 6th to perhaps Easter. This will be my only time until fall and as I usually go in fall I wanted to go a different time of year.
Mon had asked before if I wanted company and I hadn't answered her as know that I have a car instead of the Explorer I have less room to haul stuff back (like plants!!) I also plan on visiting a nursery in IL that I want to use as a vendor and whatever else I see. I'll be helping her neighbors with a landscaping project so I have to bring some of my tools along. Plus my sis only has one space bedroom so that means I would sleep on sofa unless I bring my air matress (more space in car!!)
So I mentioned last night that when they come to visit this weekend to bring whatever stuff she has for sis along so I can take it with me. She asked again if I wanted company and I didn't say no directly but in a roundabout way I did!!
I felt bad but there are things I want to talk to my sis about our parents, I really don't have room in the car and I don't want to have to worry about entertaining mom.
So I'm I a bad daughter??? How can I make her feel better (and me!!)
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Could you just tell her that you will have a packed vehicle especially on the way home and how about another time?
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You are not a bad daughter. Just tell her that you want to use this time for some sisterly bonding, to reconnect on a 1 on 1 basis. Hopefully she will understand!
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Its not bad. Just be honest with her and tell her its not becuase you don't love spending time with her but you need sister time!
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