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Springtime crazies!!?

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So i was wondering...does anyone else's kitties seem to have developed the crazies in the last week or two.

My two have started going nuts! There are at least 5 WWF wrestling matches (and this is only while I'm home), they run around chirruping, chirping, doing random sprints, pouncing on imaginary things and generally just showing 10 times the energy they did during the winter. I know rosiemac mentionned that Rosie had taken to chasing her tail and acting like a kitten....(Rambo started fighting with his back foot....that's my smart boy! )

So anyone else's kitties have the "springtime crazies?"
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Along with her tail, this morning she started charging around upstairs, then climbing the hand rail

Sophie was sitting on the kitchen table where i was just looking up the stairs, then she looked at me as if to say " whats wrong with her mum?! "
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Just moments ago I heard a couple of crashes, a bang, and then a white blur sped past.

So yes, I think so. If it was warmer, I'd probably have a case of the spring crazies.
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My two are generally crazy all the time... but I do notice a difference in Pepper in the spring time. I only got Pixie last August so I'll see soon if she'll be having the "springtime crazies" I love that phrase
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I think spring is making Tuffy act more goofy than before. I have only had him since last August so this is new to me. The other cats are acting the same as always. Some days the rest are all crazy and then some days they all lay around and nap, all but Tuffy, his lazy and crazy days don't seem to go along with the other cats. But then again he is a little older than the rest [all but Missy that is] and had to try and fend for himself outside for a while. Tuffy seems to be picking up on the birds coming back for spring and the longer sunny days.
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Originally Posted by Tom W
Tuffy seems to be picking up on the birds coming back for spring and the longer sunny days.
Lucky has definitely noticed the birds. She sits there chattering away at them with her tail going crazy. It's fun to watch.

The other thing i noticed was Lucky showing an unusually level of attitude (even for her). Like last night i was moving the vaccuum (vicious cat-eating monster) and Lucky poofs up, hisses and smacks the vaccuum...then takes off only to return a minute later for round 2. Nutty...i need a video camera!
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Originally Posted by Tom W
Tuffy seems to be picking up on the birds coming back for spring and the longer sunny days.
Thats what i love, cheap entertainment for our kitts!
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Pouncer's going nuts too. Except she's going for the angle of "please, oh please, let me go outside" with the high-pitched questioning meows and yowls. She keeps jumping at our backdoor screen and coming back to meow at me as if to say, "Open the door, let me go outside!" But she makes her meows sound so sad and pathetic.

I'm not letting her out, though. Seeing as it's spring and she isn't fixed yet (going to be sometime next week) it's probably best that I don't let her outside.
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I'm so happy to hear I'm not the only one "suffering"

This is month 11 with Smidge so it hasnt come up before.
She has been waking me up at 5:30am everyday...something that took months for me to get her out of the habit of..and now it's back

She also has been going nutso, but it is the time she's been doing it - after I go to bed. She used to understand what "bedtime" meant when I said it. Instead, she is pouncing from a flying leap, landing hard, on me after I go to sleep - that's new. She made at rukus last night at midnight, and when I came out the living room this morning, threee pairs of my shoes were scattered about and the rug was flipped over I'm not the tidiest person but I know I didnt leave six random shoes scattered all over the walk ways...

Will they get past it and become our angels again?
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Originally Posted by CDubbie

Will they get past it and become our angels again?

That's one question I don't have the answer to. Since mine were never really angels before either...

So no one else's kitties going crazy for spring?!
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My kitties are crazy ALL the time!!!

I don't get a rest inbetween seasons!!
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My two boys were racing around the lounge like mad things earlier, using me and my boyfriend as springboards to leap off and generally flying past at 100mph.

I thought they were just having a mad 5 mins, but now I know its not a random thing, its just normal kitty spring madness!!
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I was actually going to make this story a whole thread, but then I saw this thread and decided it belongs here.

So I'm minding my own business in the living room watching the final bit of America's top Model, judging time. In the kitchen I hear a loud crash, a thump and then two smaller crashes. What happens next is so funny. First I see Suzie and Cookie, the two 8 month olds run out of the kitchen like maniacs. Next I see Rocky just sort of meandering out of the kitchen with a look on his face that was priceless. He looked at me immediatly to see if I was mad, and then acted nonchantlant. I *think* he was not responsible, but was merely a innocent kittystander. I'm still not sure how they did this, but they knocked down a new trinket shelf that was very high up on the wall, and over a hanging towel rack that has its own shelf. I think the culprit was Cookie b/c Rocky isn't that agile and Suzie is to shy to do anything that wild. They must have jumped from the kitchen counter to the top of the towel holder and hit the trinket shelf accidently. Ironically the shelf held three kitty knick knacks and they all survived. I guess even the knick knacks have nine lives.
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Tuffy must be all tired out from his intense bird watching, He slept most of the afternoon today, and when he is awake he is pretty lazy tonight.

All these cats have it so tough, eat, sleep, wash themselves and chase toys around for a while, O wait a minute that is my life some days being on disability if I am hurting real bad, eccept for chasing toys around that is.

Maybe they are all lazy from watching me. I don't know if I should or
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My girlies, as well as their Mommy, definitely have Spring Fever!
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Yes, now that you mention it, the thundering herd does seem to pass overhead more frequently these days and on a more prolonged rampage each time. The stair railings are never NOT Fawn's junglejim, so THAT's no change...
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Too cute.

I have a tenant that lives downstairs in my basement, and I keep wondering what the poor guy is thinking. He must thinking i have a herd of elephants on the move in my house. Maybe this weekend I'll try and get them outside to burn some of this extra energy off. If not I may not have a tenant anymore!!!

ps: while i was out the other night, one of the kitties (cough cough RAMBO) got sneaky. They got inside the cupboard where there was a bag of chips, chewed a huge whole in the bottom, had a little snack and that was that. I went in...picked up the bag of chips and SURPRISE it emptied out onto the floor. And Rambo sits there looking all
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