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Sandcastle Lounger!

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We put a Camelot Cat Condo above this unfinished window (on the list) and our two cats loved sleeping and playing up high. The cats are geting close to full grown and there's really not enough room on top for both cats and they wake up and start whacking each other till one moves. Now with a third cat on the way we figured we would get the Sand Castle Lounger. The cats spent there first night up there yesterday. I'm going to finish off the rest of the window with Kitty Carpet because the cats seem to like destroying this window for some reason.
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My Sophie would love climbing way up there! You have to get pictures of the cats in it next
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Wow, that's great! I've never seen anything like it before.
They must LOVE being way up there!!
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That is so cool! I haven't seen those before either. Your cats must be loving that. Let's see some pics of them enjoying it.
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I'll post some pics of the Monsters up on it in the "Fur Pics" section as soon as I get a few good ones. One good thing this led to was Myah was playing with a toy mouse and I tossed it up on top. She went up and got it. I noticed that she was at my feet again with the mouse. I did it again and she brought it right back. I was amazed..I threw it up there at least 20 times. I found out that this cat likes to play fetch!
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Now you have to catch that on video for us
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