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Diet question

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My cat Sammy is almost a year old and he is about 7 lbs. I had some problems with him a few weeks ago keeping his food down. After taking him to the vet they recommended putting him on a very bland diet and gave me some dry and can food to feed him for a few weeks. He's been doing great but when I tried to mix some of his regular can food with the dry stuff from the vet he puked some of it up. I have a feeling that his system just cannot handle all the garbage they put in the commerical canned food and maybe even the dry food. I have noticed that even the dry food can be very greasy compared to what the vet has given me.

My question is has anyone else had similar issues and if so what specific brand names of food did you feed your cat? It's not really feasible for me to keep getting food from the vet all the time so I'm trying to nail down a good food I can give him all the time.


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If you just stick with a good quality dry food, the kitty shouldn't have much of a problem. You want to try and steer away from the Friskies fish flavored dry, and meowmix and go with Iams, or Wellness, or Kirkland. You can also try elevating your cats bowl off the ground a few inches. Also, boiled chicken with a little garlic is good if you have to feed him something wet, I boil it up, chunk it out and stick it in freezer bags and feed little bits at a time when my cats are ill.
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Yes, the type of food is important. It needs to be nutrititous or they can scarf it down and vomit a lot, trying to get nutrition.

How are you feeding? Free feeding, or at specific times? What is the cats history (any abuse, neglect, etc?)? Is it an only pet?
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My kitty didn't eat at all for 6 days. I had forced fed him and within 5 minutes it all came right back up. The vet gave him a fluids shot b/c he was dehydrated and some antibiotics. As for his previous food had to be history he wouldn't take it. Now what I feed him is sensitive stomach science diet.
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