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My cats are being troublemakers!

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I surrendered a bunch of cats a month or so ago. The HS fixed them, got them UTD on shots, etc. I picked out ones that could be farm cats & ones that were to be inside cats. Now, they are having trouble with some of them.

Sophia was adopted & is coming back on Saturdya because she was being "aggressive". Yeah, if a 20# cat attacked me & I was 7#, I would attack back!

Bagriel & Kai area at the HS in cages. They tested negative for FeLV & were let out of their cages after a month of quarantine last Thursday. They have had loose stools for 2 weeks now. They got put on i/d food Sunday. They haven't been using their litter box all of the time for 3 weeks now. They use it until it gets really full, IMO. A stool sample will be sent to the vet to rule out coccidia, etc. If it comes back negative, they are going to send them to farms. These two were supposed to be house cats. Had I known they would be outside, cats, I would have kept them here as outside cats. Gabriel is a big teddy that loves to play. He is very big-boned. Kai is shy, smaller. He needs love & attention. The biggest concern was over the fact that loose stools in their cage & the occaisonal one through the cage bars would spread disease amongst the other cats.

Little Damita has been hiding in her box as usual, but lately has taken up picking on her cagemate. As we have no empty cages at the HS, we cannot move her cagemate. She has also begun hissing at people. Thankfully, she is a brilliant cat & will easily live outdoors. She goes to a farm this week, with my approval(better than being euthanized).

Pandora & Zorro are being too kitten. Pandora is spoken for. He family was supposed to come tongiht, but didn't. Hoepfully, they didn't change thier minds. Zorro keeps trying to tunnel his way out of his cage through his food dish.
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Can I skl why you surrendered them? Where I live, it is well known that the Humane Society is a kill shelter and cats that do not act friendly and are deemed unadoptable - which can be often caused by stress (who would not be stressd out being in a small cage being taken from the only home you know - and cats are so very scared of change!!) But I do mnow some societies are different and do help. I volunteer at a rescue and I have to credit the shelter workers who do call us and tell us about a really sacred cat who would otherwise be placed on a farm - where she would most surely die (Cats raised in a home cannot possibly survive as barn cats unless they were ferals before and have some "street smarts" and even then, their survival time is not as long as if they were able to live in a fereal colony that is cared for and certainly nowhere bear as long as house cats.) - or be pts. Can you get them back?
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My parents had been letting our barn cats breed for years. I finally had to put a stop to it. We kept 8 cats to live outside here(OK, so they haven't left the garage yet ), but we knew we couldn't keep them all, so we surrendered the ones that would be great house pets. We kept one cat that doesn't get along well with others & surrendered the ones that didn't get along with her. They were living outside. This HS hasn't euthanized for room in over 4 years. They only euthanize the ones that are a danger to others, healthwise, or aggressive animals. A dog that bites people is a hazard to keep around, so they are often pts.

I could get them back, but I have no where to keep them. I already have 2 foster cats(our surrenders), plus Ophelia a semi-feral now turning pet, & my two housecats. Then there are 8 cats outside to care for. It wouldn't be veyr kind to them to have to skimp on food or medical bills. To put it simply, we cannot properly care for them all.
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