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Anybody read Louis L'Amour?

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I love Louis L'Amour books--am working on completing my collection. Just curious.
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Yes, and I love his books. I think over the years I have read most if not all of them. I love the Sacketts series, but my all time favorite is not a western. It is called "The Walking Drum" and is set in medieval times. There is also a good one set in more modern times about a Native American spy escaping into the wilds of Siberia and running from the Russians. I wish I could remember the name of it. It is really good. I like the movies made from his books, too. Tom Selleck was born to play L'Amour cowboys, IMO.
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My Daddy loves Louis L'armour. I've read a few of them. They are on my list of things to read, my Dad has the whole collection so someday when I get time, I'm gonna crack into them.
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My father-in-law had quite a few of them in his collection, and my hubby says once-upon-a-time he read them all. When Papa died a few years ago we took all the books, but I actually have not gotten around to reading any of them yet. I hear they're really good, though.
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You should read them when you have time. I read them as an adult, and was very skeptical about whether I would like them. I find them very hard to put down.
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