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What do you all think about playdates for cats? The cats in question are the same age (1-2 years), opposite sex, and have the same activity level. They have both lived with other cats before and are now single cats in apartments. One has no dominance issues, the other is more unknown. Each currently needing more interaction.

Is it a good idea to do try this and see if it works? Has anyone else done it? What would be the ideal way to do this? Meet at a neutral territory? Should the cats be familiar with the territory before hand?

On the one hand, I'm afraid they'll get nervous from the change, but on the other hand it would be give the cats more interaction if it worked out.
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I know there is a thread or article or something on here about introducing cats, but I don't know where it is! Me and my BF are slowly trying to introduce our two cats (mine about 8 month old female, his a male a little over a year old) because when we get married they will obviously be living together. We thought it'd be easier to let them get to know eachother now, but they've only seen eachother twice. The first time he follwed Marlee all over the place, just to see what she was doing. The second time he seemed scared, he just hid under the bed while she played by herself. So I dont' know what to tell you, except just do what you feel is right for your kitties. Good luck!
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As long as both cats are altered, vaccinated and tested, and don't have fleas or worms or anything, go for it, it might work. A lot of times cats take a long time to warm up to each other. So don't just bring one to the other, plop them down together and expect them to get along great. Put them in opposite rooms and let them find each other. If they freak out at each other, seperate them and keep a door between them, let them sniff under the doors and go through the normal introduction process which you will have to look up on here. I could explain it but it has been posted so much you might as well look it up.
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Yes, they are both fixed, vaccinated, and healthy. I know my cat is seeking kitty interaction; the last time I took him outdoors he spent 15 minutes looking for the neighbor's cat. We had to pace back and forth next to the area he's usually around.

I know about introducing cats, I was just wondering if anyone had experience with doing this to cats that do not live together (nor will be) and see each other infrequently. I'm not sure if they would eventually like it or if it would cause too much stress.
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I forgot to mention that part or at least my experience with it. It really does depend on the original cat though but for me, I used to bring my first cat India over to my moms house whenever I went over there. She loved the change of scenery and new people to pay attention to her. My moms cats were a little weirded out and never interected much with her. Well my moms one cat Emma lives on the bed perminently so she never even came around. But her other cat Nella sniffed India a bit and every once in awhile they rolled around playing but other then that they are fine.
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I don't think it's a good idea. Unless they live together, I think they'll continue to see each other as 'new' cats - to be hissed at and worse each time, and to be 'defended' against (territory-wise). They're not like dogs (who love having others to play with), and will only feel betrayed at best by whoever lets their territory be invaded by what will always be a strange cat. Think about how insane they can get just spotting a neighbor's cat out a window - they don't see 'neighbors', just threats.
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I've had my friends bring their cats over and vice versa occasionally. I think it's helped to make my cats pretty laid back about new visitors and changes. Usually there is a little hissing for a few minutes and then everyone gets to exploring and trying out the other kitties toys.

It can't hurt to try if you take it easy with the introductions. Might be some good company for your kitty. IMO
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I take Zissou to my sister's with me, and she loves visiting her two cousins. One of them actually misses her when she leaves, and will get in her carrier so that I can't put her in it. She stayed for a whole month once, though, not just a couple hours. And she is six mos and the two boys are 3 and (?)4 or 5. When I bring her back here she is really attached to me, like she misses the cat play. Her and her one cousin sleep on a chair together with their butts touching. The other one is, well, special anyway, and hides in the basement, but he's gotten pretty much used to her even when she sits three inches from his face watching him eat.

I would say that if they are really going to be good friends, they have to be around each other for at least a weekend at a time. You could start by free-cat-sitting for each other when you go on weekenders or something?
Or get another cat!
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Our cats used to visit our neighbor's cat and vice versa once in awhile, and it never worked out. One cat usually hid and her cat just hissed.
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