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Spayed kitty being too active!

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I just had my cat spayed today, picked her up an hour ago... and she is going crazy!! Im keeping her in my bedroom, but she keeps jumping up on things, and running around the room, licking her stitches (my bf is out getting her one of those cones right now) - she's basically acting like she normally does! At least I know she is ok, but I'm worried her stitches will come apart and will become infected!
Any suggestions for calming her down?

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Keep her in a smaller room like the bathroom or laundry room, even a large walkin closet (a big one). Dim the lights or put a nightlight in, take away any extra things to climb on. Keep her food and litterbox in there for a few days.
Call the vet and ask for an E collar to keep her from licking the stitches. If she is a small kitten then you can use a plastic or paper plate with a hole in the center. I sometimes play soft music for them in this situation, feed her lots of stinky wet food and fill her up and maybe she will sleep it off.
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ok, got the e collar on her and she just went insane! Poor thing she looks so pitiful!
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Aww I'm sorry! I had some of the same trouble with Marlee, she never once tried to lick/pick/bite etc. at her stitches, but she didn't want to be still! Luckily the only place she had figured out to jump on was the bed and that wasn't too far. The bathroom/closet thing is a good idea, but wasn't feasible for me unfortunately. (Have a roommate, and we were both going in and out of the bathroom too much, and the closets here at our apartment are WAY too little. Let us know how things go!
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You need to confine her to a smaller room (like the bathroom) or in a very large carrier.

While she might pull the stitches out, you should exam her once or twice a day to see if the area looks hot or inflamed.

A friend of mine had a cat spayed and when she was let out of the carrier, ran up to the top of the tree house. She was fine.
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I've never restricted cats' activity after surgery. Kittens under 5 months old in particular recover within hours as if nothing ever happened. As long as she is not on pain medication that is masking any discomfort, it is fine to let her be as active as she wants to be. Because of the way the stitches are done, if she pulls one out it's actually not that big of a deal - but I've actually never had it happen. Usually the stitches are kind of under the skin which makes them harder to get to.
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My Portia is recovering from her spaying a week ago - She pulled out one stitch, but it didn't make a difference and it almost completely healed!

And thats with her running around like and idiot and wrestling with her brother!

She'll know if she's hurting or not.
And an E-collar will prolly only distress her more.
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My kitty did the same thing, i was almost hysterical and called a friend w cats - after the 10 pm cutoff hour - to ask what to do, she assured me that even if she opened a stitch she'd be fine and if she jumps around its cause she feels good. be happy she came thru the surgery. in two days you wont even think about it.
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When Hope was spayed all she wanted to do was play when she came home (with Meeka). They started rough-housing!! Oh no Ithought! So I picked her up and tried to calm her down...well the pore thing was shaking, yet she still wanted to play. There wasn't a whole lot I could do though. She ended up having one stitch come out early (didn't even notice, we took her back for something else), so they put her on antibiotics just to prevent infection. So for the active kitties just make sure the stitches are ok but I found calming them down to be futile.
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