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Jasmine! Pics as she tames!

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The story started here. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=70532

The kits were initially unnamed, then became Red and Blue. Blue tamed up and was adopted, but little Jasmine (previously Red) remains an elusive member of the family.

Since part of her sister's taming was from eating food off my plate, I have been trying to use the same enticement with Jazz (Jasmine). Jasmine has begun to climb on the computer desk if I am eating, and will take scraps out of my hand. Or occasionally off my plate. She also watches Garfield A LOT, as he climbs on me and headbutts me.

Today, as I was eating dinner, Jazz jumped up on my lap! Not the desk...MY LAP! And ate part of MY dinner...because how do you say no, when you have been trying to get her to tame? LOL! Rather than eating out of my hand, or off the edge of my plate where I push a little treat for her...she will grab the good stuff from my part of the meal. And like a pushover...I let her. If she ever gets too pesky (like her sister did), I will teach her limits later. For now, it is just a blessing to have her come near!

I didn't get a pic of her fully on my lap. But she did come back with her front paws on my lap as she ate my food!

Then pigboy (aka Garfield) joined in. But I don't chase him off because I don't want to scare Jazz!

This is such a big leap forward for my little girl! Yay, Jasmine, braving the big bad Mommy's lap!!!!
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Oh how cute! Garfield knows how to take advantage when the time is right! Jasmine is so precious!
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Aww, Jazzy even shares the goodies with Garfield!
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Keep up the great progress, Jasmine!
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Awwwww thats so sweet and lovely to hear that she's getting braver at climbing on your lap
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Originally Posted by yayi
Aww, Jazzy even shares the goodies with Garfield!
Oh, yeah, she loves her Garfield! Jasmine and her sister Blue took to my cats right away, it was taming them to love people that was the challenge! LOL! Festus and Blue were extremely close. And Jasmine tagged around with Garfield until he decided he liked her.

Where Festus watched over Blue and seemed like a furry body guard, Gar just seemed a little confused by Jazz following him everywhere. I thought Festus would "steal" Jazz from Gar after Blue was rehomed, but Jasmine loves him. Don't get me wrong, they all sleep together and play. But Garfield and Jasmine fight and wrestle...and are almost always together. She is much more relaxed sharing the food with him, than eating it alone! LOL!

Silly girl. Maybe someday she will realize that I am as harmless as Garfield thinks I am!
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