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Hi everybody,
Ihave been wondering about Pinsel´s behaviour. She had a fur mouse which desintegrated after a short time and now only the fur is left.
She likes taking it around. In the evening, however, she starts whining and calling very loudly.If nobody answers she won´t stop.
Usually I hear her and call her. Then she comes to my room and jumps onto my bed and very often moves around till she can put her head on my pillow next to mine:bunny Iwish I knew why a small piece of fur can dause that strange behaviour, the whining etc.P erhaps somebody has an idea. I´d love to hear your opinions.Elisabeth
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She sounds like a character. Have you tried getting her another furry mouse and seeing if she will play fetch with it? I have one cat that acts like your pinsel when he wants me to play with him. Once i toss his toy a few times, he takes it into another room and plays with it by himself.
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Hi Hissy,
thank you for your reply.So far she´s still stuck with the remains of the mouse.I got her a duck ,however,whose quaking sounds she likes.Contrary to our other cat, Lily, she doesn´t enjoy fetching but playing with corks.She usually whines when no member of the family is near and I believe she then simply wants company. When I woke up yesterday and turned my head I found her next to me sleeping happily with her head next to mine on the pillow.She is such a sweet little animal. We all love her. Only my husband is disappointed with her purring machine. It´s not loud enough.Thank you again Hissy Love Elisabeth
PS I enjoy the cat site so much and spend a lot of time reading.
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