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I am going crazy waiting for these babies!

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All the signs are there and I know it is just a matter of any minute but Boy! am I ever going nuts! Glad I am not close to being a grandma yet!

Ethel's stomach is HUGE and she eats everything in sight! She eats out of one side of the cereal bowl while I eat out of the other. (My husband would die if he knew that!

My boys are going crazy waiting and the whole neighborhood is on alert!

She's a bit skittish now and when she sleeps she sleeps HARD!

I have to work tonight and it will drive me crazy being away!
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Yeah.. I saw all the signs and I was waiting and waiting and still no babies.. and then she had them when I least expected it.

Also, don't give your cat cow milk, it can make kitties sick. If you want to give her milk then go buy some KMR (kitten Milk Replacement) and give her a bit of that everday.. but cow milk is no good for kitties.
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Goat's milk is a better choice if you have a cat who likes dairy.

The waiting is the hardest part for me too - I get to feeling like I have waited for what seems like EVER to finally meet the kittens! I always tell them as they are born, "Hello, Little Baby!!! I have waited so long to meet you! Welcome to the world."
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Im with you in the waiting game..My cat is all over me today cant be long. Maybe they will both have them tonight. Goodluck cant wait to hear your news
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Uggh, I know! I know Chloe probably has a week left, and I am sooo excited/anxious! I cant wait to see the precious babies!!
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I work at Old Navy part-time and tonight I was there for 2 hours and I just knew that she'd have them while I was gone since I have been with her 24/7 (only due to the house contruction) but I got home and she came running the door!

I just stare at her and say "Let's just do this!"
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Any luck? I'll send you kitten vibes! We had our big night last night. (shameless promotion to visit my kitten's thread hehe) Hopefully you did too! Good Luck
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The boys had baseball lessons and then I had to work so was gone for about 5 hours. She is still really skittish and eating everything in sight. I did get her some krm or kmr but haven't given it to her yet. Maybe tomorrow. I give up though. A watched pot never boils so I guess a watched cat never gives birth!

Angie's babies are beautiful!!! I really enjoy seeing the pictures!
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