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Tailer & Forest

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I caught my two orange boys snuggled up in their favorite chair the other day and just had to snap this picture. I think it's my new favorite.

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Aw, now doesn't that just take your breath away?!? What a beautiful pic...I love their pretty eyes!
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It IS a very good photo. Wish mine could pose like that!
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Awww they look perfect together!
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OMG they are so beautiful! I love orange tabby boys so much, they are my weakness. Scratch their sweet little ears for me.
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What a great picture! Your boys are gorgeous!
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Aww! What a PERFECT picture!!
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What a great pic!
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Beautiful picture...very handsome boys.
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Oh how cute are they!?! Great pic!
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That's really sweet! Both looking at you "at the same time" that's great!

Are their eyes different? One looks green and one looks a bit bluer

very pretty cats.
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Oh, they look like they could be my Tiggy's gorgeous!!
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Thanks, everyone!!

Jeanor, their eyes are different. Tailer (the bigger one) has very green eyes (though they look blue here) and Forest's are really gold.
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That's a gorgeous picture! What handsome boys!
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