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My parents are getting married today!

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I know that sounds weird but it's actually my mom and her fiance. They've been together for 15 years! So I call him my Dad. They always knew they'd get married, but now due to my mom's health problems, she can no longer work at her job she had for 25 years. So, they are getting married so she has insurance. (among the other more romantic reasons!) She'll start working again in the near future, but for now she needs to take it easy. Isn't that exciting though? They're just going to the courthouse, both of them have been married before so it's not that important to have a big wedding, but they'll be having a huge party this summer for sure! Tonight it's low key at Thunder Bay for dinner!
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Have fun!!
And eat lots for me!
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Oh but I'll be too busy eating lots for ME!!!
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Congrats to them! Hope your Mom feels better soon also
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How wonderful. Tell them we all toast to their continued happiness and your mom's health.
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Congratulations to the groom, best wishes to the bride, and bon appetit to the bride's daughter. One cannot accuse your mother of entering into marriage with undue haste.
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Congratulations!! I'm so happy for them...and for you, too. It's awesome that you're so excited about it.

My husband and I got married after 12 years together, and I know it meant the world to me that my stepson was supportive and excited that we were getting married. The first time he introduced me as his stepmom I got all teary-eyed about it.
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Ok, I'm back from dinner, everything was lovely and they were so happy. Except I was WAY overdressed! My mom told me to dress up and everyone else was casual! Oh well. I walked up and said "hi new grandparents, brother, dad", etc and they were all like "yeah, we are now!" It was a little wierd but a happy day anyway!
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That is wonderful - it sounds like a lovely time. Your dressing up honoured the importance of the occasion!
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Wow, that's great! How exciting for you!! I'm glad you enjoyed your evening.
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How exciting even after 15 years!! That is great!!!
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