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Diaper Dog!

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This is so sad! OK, so I lost my Lab pup despite my best efforts at training, etc. I bawled for weeks. Things weren't getting better, so I knew to heal I needed another dog. I went to the HS to pick out a dog. We brought home a GSP/Lab/Coonhound mix. My dad's theory is only purebred dogs can hunt, so he purchased a purebred Chocolate Lab(from a BYB none-the-less). My rescue, Macey, is what I would call a bad dog, to say the least. She likes to get in trouble, I think. I spend too much time with Coco, dad's dog, & Macey gets jealous so she wrecks things. Macey thinks of me as her property. I still love her, though. Then there's Coco, dad's purebred "hunting dog" that cannot hunt! Serves him right! Anyways, she is spay incontinent. She is on hormones for the SI, but she still gets the "dribbles". She was spay incontinent from 7 months of age(spayed at 6 months), which is unusually young). Poor girl! I had to buy a doggie diaper for her yesterday. She hates it. She walks along rubbing against the walls tyring to get it off. She will be 2 on July 14th.

Look at the poor girl!

I am completely & totally willing to change her diaper 2 dozen times a day, if need be, for the rest of her life. I don't care what I have to do, I love that little doggie. I was told that she might need her bum shaved & someone to wipe her bum clean if she looses a lot of control. I don't care. People wipe babies behinds, why not a dogs?

I have been working on making a patch to put on her diaper. One like Superman's only with a 'C' instead of an 'S'. Then she can wear her "superhero" outfit & we'll call her Super Coco!
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Gigi where a diaper on occation... you are lovely person to do this for her
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That is a beautiful dog! What a shame about her little problem. You are a special person for being so dedicated to her.
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What a good mommy you are! she's very pretty btw
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She's such a good dog! I absolutely love her. She gives such good kisses & she almost never does anything wrong. She life revolves around her people. She is so faithful. IMO, she is the perfect dog!
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Awww. That is so sad. It's kind of a 'stylin' diaper though

She sounds very special... and so do you for your love and loyalty to her no matter what
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