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Looks like there might be another adoption by us. A coworker has a friend that is trying to find a new home for his aunts cat. The cat is staying with his grandma right now (who I guess has about 8 birds). She said it could stay there until friday. If it doesn't have a new home she's taking it to the humane society.
Apparently it's a neutered male, all claws, black with gold eyes and only 9 mos old. I have no problem taking in another cat, but we're really going to have to find a place for the other kitty litter (we've been holding off with one for 3 cats).
Maybe someone else will adopt the poor kitty. I told my coworker that we would take him ONLY if no one else would. If we do, I'll of course post pictures
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Awww bless your heart if you do though

Poor thing and he's just a baby Can't wait to see some pictures of him though
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How truly wonderful to give this little guy a furever home............
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Awww, I hope that this little guy finds a new good home!

I can't wait to see pictures
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Yes I was totally shocked! I sent out an email to everyone I Knew to pass on the word if they know of someone that might be looking for a kitten.
Then I get an email back from my boyfriend saying to keep an eye on the cat and if no one takes then he'd rather have us take it then give it to the humane society.

Two things i learned about him today:
1) I think he needs a male figure in the house as there's me and 3 (at one time) female cats
2) He's a sucker for abandon cats. That's how he got me to take in Luna.
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