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Zazou hasn't had kittens - worried

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All, how long should I wait before I call the vet?
The ultra sound was 2 wks ago, and the vet
said she'd kitten in about 2 wks. Well, that
was last thursday, no kittens yet - 4 days

Am I over reacting? I am worried. She also has
stopped coming out, and is hiding under the bed.
She made 2 pathetic attempts to get out of the
room - and panicked when she found she was still in a
room, after running out of the one I keep her in.

She has little orange guy in there with her
at nights. (During daytime and when I am
home the little guy is out and about with
me and the other guys to get socialized
and get over trauma from the kids.)

I thought he might calm her - he is only 3 months
so she shouldn't feel threatned by him?

I have started to completely ignore her
again, as I think before I was checking to see
if she had kittens too much, and scaring her.

Back to stage one *sigh* I will be VERY happy
once I get the kits born and start socialzing.
This has been very hard for me, to keep
a poor critter penned up when she wants out.

(caught her desperately up on the windowsill pawwing
and scrtaching at the window panes to get out, poor
girl! I felt terrible).
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I would contact the vet and find out what the vet thinks.

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If momma cat is eating and acting fine then there probably isn't much to worry about right now.If you notice her trying to push and nothing happens or if she seems very stressed out or tired then I would worry then.Give it a few more days to total a week overdue then contact a vet.But if it makes you feel better then you can contact the vet for advice,a phone call doesn't cost anything.Good Luck and keep us updated!
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Good Luck...keep us updated!
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I'm going to move this to Pregnant Cats since they have much more experience with birthin' babies.
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I just wanted to say, cool name.
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I would think that keeping a 3 month male kitten in with the mother who is about to give birth might stress her out a bit. I don't know for sure though, I don't know your cats and I never kept a pregnant female.
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I have to agree with Jen ... since she isn't used to being confined, I would let her stay by herself with you going in frequently to visit and check on her. The oftentimes energetic ways of a young 3 month old might be too much for your girl right now.
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My current foster had an ultrasound which showed 4 kittens would be born in 1-2 weeks. 4 days later she gave birth to 6 kittens. So I wouldn't worry too much about the ultrasound being inaccurate.

Does she have a place to hide in the kitten room? Maybe she fears she can't keep the babies safe inside. A nice enclosed box might help her feel better. And maybe she would prefer straw to a human scented blanket?

Best of luck with your kits!
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Well, I moved the lil orange guy (that's his name now, )
out of the room. She is still eating, drinking and pooping in
the litter box. Soooo... hiding under the bed, which I put a bed
spread on, to hang down and cover up the space. I put
lots of fleeces down, and a sheepskin under that.

She may be stressed, but there's NOTHING else I can do.
I can't even handle the girl without stressing her -
I get near, she panics. I am just going to leave
alone. Prayers for safe delivery every one!

Prayers too for lil guy finding a good home.
He has recovered and blossomed in my home.
I think he'll make a great pet!
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I had a cat go in to the vet, who said there were "at least two kittens" and that it would be "10 days, maximum" that she would give birth. (This is a good vet, so it just goes to show that it's hard to predict)

My cat had EIGHT kittens 21 DAYS later. Can you read to Zazou, and talk to her to at least get her more used to people? Poor baby.
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Definitely don't stress that she didn't have the kittens on a schedule the doctor gave...it is an estimate. There is no way, even if you know the date of conception, to be that accurate. It sure would be great if that were the case, LOL.

As to her fearfulness. I think you are doing the best thing to just give her her space. You have a safe, warm place for her to have the kittens, definitely keep the traffic to a minimum in the room. She needs to not feel the stress of another animal in the room, sounds like you have taken care of that.

I think you are definitely doing all you can. I would just speak softly to her while you are in the room, not approaching her excessively, just talk to her in a calm manner. It is not uncommon for a mamma cat to be out-of-sorts before she gives birth, so I would not be overly concerned. Just keep doing what you are doing and she will soon have those kittens!

Can't wait to hear the good news update!
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