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Anybody else do the "Breakfast Dance"?

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You know........ that little dance that you have to do in the morning with your little fur face??? Before you go to work, when you are opening your furbabies' can of food, and trying to put it in a dish, while trying at the same time to avoid your hungry purring kitties' desire to wrap around your legs, while waiting to be fed, and covering your legs, and whatever you are wearing to work, with fur? My Hobbs is fast, he almost got me this morning while I was nuking his cold canned food, but I just stepped out of the way in time. Its like a Tango!!!
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Thats cute! My CJ is so excited about his wet food he doesnt wait for it to come out of the pouch half the time, he starts eating on the way down and covers his face in it.... Boys huh
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We don't feed our cats wetfood (they get sick), but we do refill their dry food in the morning and they are soo funny......they always "attack" me and I have to make sure they don't trip me when I head back to my room.
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Ahh yes...that dance. Some mornings are better then others, depending on just how awake I am when I get to the kitchen. I usually have both of them trying to trip me, head butting, and generally complaining that I'm not moving fast enough and how dare i try and get my breakfast out at the same time (or even worse...before them!!!!!)
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I know that dance very well. Except it's not in the mornings with us, it's when I get home from work that it takes place. Conner always has dry food down at any given time, but in the evenings he gets a tad of wet food, and by the way he acts, you'd swear I starve the dang cat. If I go any where near the kitchen he's running to get there before me, standing against the cabinets and reaching with his little paws up to the counter, nosing me, wailing like he's dying of mad cow disease. Seriously, it's bad, lol. He suffers temporary insanity at that time of day, and yes I get covered in his long cream colored fur in the process. Sheesh, men!
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Yes i know that dance very well, along with getting a song frrom Rosie while i'm opening it
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Yes. And I'm a klutz and not a morning person and I have lots of cats and a tiny kitchen. It can get ugly!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Yes i know that dance very well, along with getting a song frrom Rosie while i'm opening it
I get the same thing from Tiggy and Trixie. The other two are much more patient!
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Well I don't feed Jacky by meals but when I see his empty bowl I take the bowl back to the room where the tub of food is at..he hears the bowl filling up and comes running..all the way back to the room where I put the food dish down..he runs infront of me meowing trying to get me to stop..

I have to constantly leap over him so it's more like a running track than a dance.
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We go through this every morning. I'm lucky to make it into the kitchen without tripping over some impatient furry creature and landing flat on my face. Pete's the worst, but the girls are right behind him.
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i do the 'dinner dance' because they only get wet food at night. in the mornings i'll replace/refill kibble if it's low. starting at about 4pm, or whenever i get home if it's later, Cable follows me into the kitchen everytime i go. i usually feed the wet food between 6pm-7pm, but she figures it's worth a shot, i guess! Java is smarter - she comes when she hears me start opening the can!
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Every morning! They are under my feet while I'm getting out of bed and stuck to me while I walk to the kitchen. When I take the bowls off the work top to put on the floor I have to stop walking when I hear the 'thud' of them jumping down and running to where their bowls are going to be.
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We do that dance twice a day...morning and night! Except, with wobbly little Forest's disability, our dance always looks more like a cha-cha.
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glad Im not the only one doing the cha cha cha when I feed my furball ..These posts are all hilarious Funny how similar cats can sometimes be
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Yes i know that dance very well, along with getting a song frrom Rosie while i'm opening it

Yes... I know that dance too... I open the can, they're there in a split second, and before I can even get a spoon or anything - Sweetie's rubbing against my legs, Precious is on the table whining & meowing by the food dish, and before I can even put the food in, they get their faces in the dish They don't see that if they would just sit there patiently, it would get done a lot quicker!!
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Also, do your cat's make you spill their food or water??? When I pick up Conn's water dish to rinse and refill each day, as I am putting it back down, I guess he thinks it's food because he always is trying to get into it as I am putting down. He nudges it with his head and always spill it, lol, usually on his head. The silly little cat, you'd think he'd learn!
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While i was dishing their food out this morning i had both bowls in my hand while they were walking all around my legs, so i looked at them and started shaking from side to side saying " are we doing the breakfast dance then?!"
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Oh yes....and a dinner dance, too!
In my house, the "babies" (Salt & Pepper) have one of those double dishes and they eat on one side of the kitchen, and George & Sonny have separate dishes on the other side of the kitchen. I fix the dishes on the counter in the middle and they all mill around between me and the walkway while I prep. Then they all follow me to put down the first dish, with Salt & Pepper both trying to get into it before it even hits the ground. Then I almost trip over George and Sonny to as they walk with me to go and put theirs down.
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I thought of this thread this morning, too. When I got their bowls out I called to the boys and said "OK...time to do the breakfast dance!"
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When you have 600 sq ft you do the "live with a cat dance". Which is to say, all the time. She has trained me well. When I know she's in a hyper mood and hear her little pitter-patter I always freeze because I know she's about to trip me, and since she has to follow me no matter what I'm doing, it gets frustrating trying to do anything.

And YES she always nudges the bottom of the water bowl. And dumps it on the top of her own head.
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