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Very Strange Question

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Ok funny story, my siamese Sarah had a litter on March 5th. Everyone is doing fine. The day she gave birth I found my 6 month old seal point nursing from her. The kittens are now two weeks old and he is starting to nurse too. Sarah did not let him nurse when they were first born but now she allows him to nurse.
Do you think that this could be harmful to the kittens? Could he drink too much milk? Could it be harmful to him?
Sarah is not even his mother. She is his future wife.
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It certainly isn't harmful to him ... funny to see, perhaps ... but not harmful. Milk is produced in a sort of on demand way, that is, so long as kittens continue to nurse, milk can be produced - up to a certain point in time. However, as Sarah's babies really do need the milk for 100% of their nutrition, I would limit your 6 month-old male's access to her. There are a couple of good reasons for this; 1) he really shouldn't be taking in the milk the babies need and 2) at 6 months old, he is on the edge of becoming sexually mature and could easily breed Sarah when you weren't looking. Unless you are ready for Sarah to have a litter again this soon (which really is too soon), then I would keep your boy away from her.
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Thanks, I did not even consider that he could be ready to mate. You are right.
One other question my largest is 410 grams and my smallest is 305.
Is it normal for there to be such a huge gap. She is the only little girl and has been smallest from the beginning.
I have never supplemented. If there was an underlying problem it probably would have manifested itself before 15 days old right?
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I take it that one which weights 410 is a boy? *grin* There can be a lot of difference between the little boylies and the little girlies in size. So long as there is a steady increase in weight in the girl, so long as she is eating well and not getting pushed aside when it comes time to nurse, she should be fine. She is just going to be a dainty little thing.

I think you would have noticed any problems by now. Just continue to make sure that she lines up for feeding and that she continues to gain steadily. She should be fine.
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She does not get pushed aside. She fights hard for a nipple. Sometimes I think that she is just as fierce then her 3 brothers.
Do fatal heart murmurs usually manifest themselves by the time they are 15 days old?
Thanks for your help Gayef.
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With regard to the heart murmurs ... kittens, much like human babies, are born with certain parts not fully developed. The heart is one of the places that isn't quite finished "baking" when they are born. It is not at all uncommon to hear a little sloshing in a newborn kitten's heartbeat. I would wait until they are 8 to 10 weeks old before confirming a heart murmur.
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