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We have babies!!!

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As of Sunday, we have our first kittens of the season! Mom Peanut, who we have in foster care, gave birth to three adorable little tabbies over the weekend. All of the babies have some white on them too. Soooo cute!!!
Everyone is doing well. Pictures coming soon.
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Eilcon...good to know she is in foster care and doing well. Yup...Spring has sprung and the kitten season will be beginning soon.

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Yay! Glad she is being cared for, and the babies will find good homes! The day Sarabi had her kittens was a full moon, 3/14/06, and another foster cat in our agency had kits the same day! Our first two litters of the season!
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Awwww, babies! Can't wait for the pictures! I am missing babies at the moment. 8-(
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