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Plz Help! About to give birth, no milk?

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Hello, i am a new member on this forum and i am very worried.I work for an animal rescue shelter and many times i brought orphan kittens and pregnant cats at home. This time things are a little different and i would like some of ur advice or answers. I saved this VERY prengant cat a couple of days ago and i decided to bring her home knowing that she would probably give birth in the next 2-3 days. Things are going well except that she sleeps during the day and cries for attention at night. 4 days had passed by and so far she didnt give birth. I can clearly feel the kittens inside her stomach and can even see them moving. She eats and drink alot,she has a very small frame with an enormous Belly. She is very active and jumps everywhere. My problem? Besides the fact that she didnt give birth yet, she started to have very smelly diarrhea 2 days ago and she does not have any milk in her tits. Her stomach is very stretch out and hard, i know she will have a big litter. I am so worried about the lack of milk. I tried to do research over google but i didnt find anything. Can u help me????
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The diarreahs a concern. However, the lack of milk from what I've heard isn't unusual. Sometimes the milk-flow wont start until the first kitten arrives or just prior to her giving birth. Sounds like she is ready any day now.

Pumpkin is the only natural thing I can think of right nwo that could help the diarreah (not the dessert kind though).
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dont some cats gets an upset tummy the day or so before because of the hormone changes?
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Wow thx for the help! That was fast! If anybody has other explanations dont be shy. As for the diarrhea, i think i found the cause but im not sure: Since i rescued the cat i had to change the food. I dont know what she was eating before, im not sure if she was a strayed cat or if she was belonging to someone. Enways i am now giving her some dry kittens food because it is more rich and thats what they recommended me. So maybe her change of diet might have cause diahrea but once again i am not sure. Thx god she looks healthy besides that. Like maverick_kitten was saying Maybe she has diarhea because she is about to give birth?
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Change in diet deffinitely will do it. Not sure about prior ot birth? Just try and keep her well hydrated in the meantime.
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If the diarrhea is persistant, then it is most certainly a problem. But some queens do have a little upset a short time before delivery. If she continues with the "poopy butt", I would have the vet see her.
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Has she given birth yet?
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I was wondering the other day also.
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Oh thx you guys!
Yes she did indeed give birth but it was a very difficult one, she almost died during it. She gave birth to 4 kittens (one dead) pretty easyly but i knew that there was still baby inside of her coz she was enormous! 7 hours later i saw a lil head peeking out of her vagina but it was really just the top-top of the baby's head. The baby was really stuck inside of her, she was in alot of pain and couldnt get it out! After an hour of seeing her like that i took matters into my own hands and i called my mom and my sister in law for help. We restrained her in several blancket and put rubber glove. We dilated her vagina with cream and hot water and put rubber gloves. While 2 people were holding her, the other opened her vagina...i never heard a cat screamed like that, i was sure she was going to die on us. we had to pull very hard and we were sure the baby had a broken neck or was dead but no Surprise! it was fine and alive 8 hours after!
She was very very weak after so i let her rest and helped her clean up her babies.....there was still at least 1 baby inside of her but at that point i couldnt do more than let nature do its job!
The next day i woke up to see her in the litter box trying to give birth but once again the baby was stuck so i did the same thing but it was a lil easyer this time. That one too was alive. My vet never heard of babies beeing inside a mama cat for so long and being fine and healthy. She took a big drop after, i was sure i was gonna loose her coz she was very weak and didnt wanted to take care of the kittens. she was just sitting on her fav chair and shaking, sleeping and not reacting at all to anything around her. Than 3 hours after the babies started screaming for food and finally she got up and start to take care of them.
2 weeks have passed now and i am so proud to tell u guys that she is the Best mama cat i have ever seen. She is so nice, gentle, protective with them. she cleans them all the time and also talks to them all the time, holding them with her 2 paws.....it is so cute to see! the babies are all fine , they have their eyes opened and starting to walk already. they are all very curious!
We didnt plan on keeping her but she is so amazing that we are considering it instead of puting her for adoption after. One thing is for sure, i " ll make sure she will never have baby again. The last labor was way to hard on her and never again i wanna see her suffer like she did. so after the babies are gone i am bringing her for the big operation so she'll be able to live the rest of her life peacefully!
I changed her food for medical food and since than no more diarhea. She still smell a lil bit but not as much as before, now we can actually stand it!

I am thanking u all for ur great help and support, it helped me a lot when i really needed it!
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that's great news! I'm glad they're all doing so well. I'm going to be adopting one of two kittens in a few weeks and they were born four days apart so it can happen sometimes. I asked my vet about it today when i took my other cat in and she was really surprised that the second one wasn't born dead and even wondered if it could have been the result of two matings, although the mum should have stopped ovulating after the first. She thinks there must have been one kitten in each horn and thats how they were able to survive so far apart.
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wow thats amazing, you saved her life. i really hope everything goes well for you and your babies!
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That is amazing i think also. That was a tuching story.
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