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My husband and I just recently (3 days ago) moved into a house thats not been lived in before with hardwood floors and a gas fireplace. Hannah (my cat) does not travel well and always ends up peeing and pooping in her crate no matter how short the trip. Since we moved, I've noticed that she's been sneezing a lot. She'll have long stirngs of them and she sneezes more frequently than she did. Was it just the stress of moving? the environmental factors--dust not settling as well--the gas? Does she need to see the vet?

Thanks for helping!
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The stress from the move could have brought on a URI. She probably needs to see the vet and get some medicine. The enviromental factors could play a role as well. A vet would be able to determine which is causing her sneezing. Good luck
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I'd say a trip the the vet is probably a good idea... if you've moved into a different type of environment (ie: an area with more/less pollen, cold climate to warm, etc...) your kitty may just have an allergy to something that she simply wasn't exposed to before. She could also just have a URI... neither are really that serious if treated right away - some meds should do the trick. And if it's an allergy to something airborn, simply getting an air purifier or two for your new home might do wonders! My mom's allergic to Oliver and I bought an air purifier from walmart... that combined with cat allergy wipes made it possible for her to comfortably stay in my studio apartment with Oliver and I for almost a week while I was sick - the little air machines can do wonders!

Congrats on the new house! And good luck with your kitty, let us know what happens!
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