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Anybody getting snow?

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Now that it's officially spring, we're experiencing winter in Cincy today. It's our first accumulating snow since early Dec. We're expecting a snow/freezing rain mix of up to six inches by tonight. It's coming down pretty good right now and is starting to stick. I'm debating whether or not to go into work. I could take a vacation day, but am leaning towards going in before it gets too bad and bringing some work home to do.

Anybody else getting snow? What are your plans for the day?
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That sounds like what we are having in St. Louis. The begining of spring and we get Snow!
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Isn't weather so bizarre! We are forecast a possibility of snow, but if it comes at all, it will most likely avoid the coast.

Stay warm, and Happy Spring!
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No snow here, but it is cold.
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March and April are the biggest snow months here (and the storm hitting all of you in the east just left yesterday). But then we also get 70F weather at Christmas so it all balances out I guess.
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Cold and snowy here.
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Been getting Snow since Saturday evening here.
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SNOW! NOOOOOOO! Don't ruin my spring fever! Please tell me it's not coming my way (Chants *please let it go north, please let it go north*)
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We had a dusting of it about 6.30 this morning
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No snow here today (well, not yet anyways) but its gloomy and cold - so yeah, we'll probly end up with something like snow or rain today
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Snow stay south of me!!! But as I gaze outside I see ome teeny flakes but no accumulation expected!!
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Well now the weather forecast has changed to snow showers on and off for the rest of the day with little or no additional accumulation. The road weren't looking too bad so I decided to come into work anyway. So much for a snow day!
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No snow for us - well, maybe a flake or two. Just cold and dreary...
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Nope~thank goodness! They have been calling for it though, but none yet. It is chilly and cloudy though I dont want any bad weather to ruin our vacation!!
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Right now in Cedar Rapids, it is not snowing. The cities to the West and South did get a lot, so maybe we will get some here later on.
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