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Look im back at Barefoot my old job

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Look im back at Barefoot my old job well here we go less then a week to go till we open the other restaurant for the golfers and to the public I've been waiting for three months i think i posted back in January that i was going back to my old job This is where i worked before Dad passed away back 2003 i was the sous chef there and now im doing it again i love this type of work and so happy that im back i also have a new apartment my husband has the house for the time being but we talk very offen matter of fact we talk more now then the whole time we were married im still married it takes a year to divorse in sc so you never know what might happen down the road
I wanted to share some pictures of my apartment and some pictures of my job. And im doing fine everyone and wants to say thank you for all the support in the pass when i was going through such a hard time everyone gave me some good feed back

pics of my job

pics of my apartment

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Hi Rhonda! Long time no see!

I'm so pleased to hear that everything is going well for you and that you're happy!

Your work place looks fabulous! What a view!

You appartment looks great too! How are your fur babies doing? Are they enjoying the appartment?!

It's great to have you back!
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thanks sar
Cricket and oscar seem to be doing just fine ron has bonkers and gabby and jake But i bring over gabby once a week once i get settled in Gabby will live with me full time im not a loud to have more then two pets here so im going to tell them i gave one cat back and replace her with gabby But the cats always hide anyway when someone comes in and they give a 24 hours notice so im sure i will get away with three pets but if not we take turns with the dogs so it will be just fine
Im also glad im back at the catsite ive really missed everyone but ive had so much going on in my life during the past three months that i didnt really use the computer to much
LOL I will make up for it i promise ha ha

take care
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That's great that everyone is doing well! I hope you will be able to sneak Gabby in! I'm sure nobody will notice - especially as your kitties hide too!

I can imagine you were busy! Your life has had quite a turnaround! I bet it is a relief to be finally quite settled though!

That's excellent that you and Ron are now speaking more than you did before and that you are able to work out a good arrangement for your fur babies!

I hope your smile ramains to be from ear to ear for a long time!
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Hi Rhonda!

So nice to hear from you! Your workplace has a fabulous view, wow!

Your apartment looks so nice and cozy!

Hope everything is going good for you - hope to see you around here a little more!
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Gosh I was just thinking of you yesterday-wondering where you had been.
Its good to read that your life is going a bit more smoothly now. Nice pictures too!!
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So good to hear from you. Glad that all is well with you, your apartment looks so cozy, and your job is gorgeous! i saw your cricket on the dresser, and I though it was Conner, lol, I had to do a double take, from the side, they look exactly alike. Good luck Rhonda, you are doing fabulous!
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Wow Rhonda what a great place to work at!! I wish my view was that nice here at work. I don't even have a window!! LOL. I am glad to hear that you are doing better now!!
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Myrtle Beach!!! Maybe Tara and I will have to come meet you on our honeymoon!
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Hi Rhonda! Glad to hear everything is going so well with you. Nice pics. I laughed at the one of Cricket in the fruit bowl.
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Hi Rhonda.........glad to hear from you! Been wondering where you've been! Great pics! Keep us posted how it's going ok?
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I'm glad things are going well for you Rhonda! The place you work looks beautiful!
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OMG my family and I used to camp at barefoot landing! now they go to Myrtle Beach Travel park- what a coinky-dink!
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thanks karen
yep things are getting back to normal around here im so happy to be back at Barefoot i really loved that job but at the time when Dad passed away it was to much on me But now im ready to get back in the swing of things i will be making omlets in front of the golfers in the mornings from 6am till 11am then do lunch from 11 till 3 woohooooooooo gotta make them tips siance im broke again oh well life goes on at least my boss is going to let me keep my tips while making omlets
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Hey! Good to see you again! Glad you're doing well and I love your cat tree!!!
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