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I can't believe this. Maybe you guys can help?

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A woman I work with is moving house next month. I've posted about her before. She doesn't like her cat because he's not affectionate to her - this is because she shouts at him when he puts his muddy paws on her kitchen floor and shows him nothing but bad vibes.
Anyway they have been debating about whether to take Toby to the new house or just leave him. Yes I know - DISGUSTING.
Anyway, she doesn't deserve him. She's not talked to me about this for a while because she knows how I feel, but she just came into work and I heard her saying to someone that her boyfriend has made up a list of things to do before they go and one of them was
'Home for Toby'
I am fizzing. What do I do? I know they won't research anything properly and if it comes down to it I really wouldn't be surprised if they left him to fend for himself.
What do I do?? Is there like a home finder thing on the internet for here in the UK?
Despite the bad things she says about this poor cat he sounds like he has such character - he brought her a mouse on Valentines day. She said 'It made her hate him even more' but I think as disgusting as it is I'd be flattered.
I think time is running out for this poor cat, with moving house, finding him somewhere decent to live will be last on their list.
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Now, they themselves have "home for Toby" on their list.
Do help them. Talk with her and propose you will seek - as your description will be more kind - and therefore you will have it easier to find a home.
And do help the Toby... Seek! Dont wait for anyone else. It is your holy quest.
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If you phone the RSPCA/CPL/PDSA they all have fosterers who will be able to take him in and help find him a home! It's a shame you live so far away, as my friend is one of the RSPCA fosterers!

This is such a sad thing! It happened a lot around our old street and it's really bad! Luckily all the kitties now have their forever homes!

Good luck with it though!
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Or give the Cats protection a ring Lauren and explain the situation.

Thing is would she hand Toby over to you knowing how you feel because she sounds like she would get a kick out of seeing you chewed up
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These are good ideas. I'll make some calls tonight.
I'm going to subtely drop it into conversation at some point, 'so what are you doing with Toby when you move?'. She won't care about sounding bad in front of me she'll just say we're getting rid of him.
So by then I will be armed with info which I'll just pretend I already knew and give her phone numbers etc.
If we fall out, we fall out, I'm past caring, she's childish in every sense of the word, aswell as being a cruel mum to her cat. I don't need her as a friend and would rather her cat had a warm bed and a loving home.
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Lauren, this might help!

Cat Chat
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cant you take him for the meanwhile and find him a new home??
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Thanks Sarah, I'll have a good look at that website tonight.
Fwan I would love to so much, I have thought about it. However, he's 4 or something and gets out all the time, infact sometimes he is locked out! and I live on a top floor flat in the city centre and there is no way he could get out. He would be miserable. Also our flat isn't big enough to be able to keep him separate from Sleeves and Nismo, plus Nismo hasn't been spayed yet.
So its a big no, very sad though. If I lived in a house in a safe area I'd keep him.
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I would offer to take him off their hands and then see if you can find him a nice place to live. I'm sure you'd do a much better job of it!
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