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Hello, I am having a new problem with my kitten Jade (8-9 weeks). When I first got her she wouldn't eat. So, i use to try to let her eat off my hand and lick formula off my fingers. Now she uses her bowl and everything. That's a good thing. However I think now she thinks my fingers are a toy to play with. When I pet her she will try to bite (as if she's trying to eat my fingers.) Although, it doesn't hurt, I try to stop the habit, by saying no, and putting her on timeout for five minutes in the bathroom. Sometimes when I say "NO" she listens and licks my fingers. I also tried hissing, and yelling at her... Nothing works. Oh, and I also tried the toys.
She will bite everything, but she loves fingers.

As I was sitting at my computer a few minutes ago she tried to launch at my fingers to bite it. Off course I got angry and put her in the bathroom for time out. At the same time I feel so bad, because I can hear her cry and stuff. I don't know what else to do. I don't want her to keep the habit. I had two other cats, and they never acted like this.
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Hi, Jade is 100% normal! She has no idea what no means except that she's being yelled at, and that those once-delicious funny stix (your fingers) are fun to chase because they're wiggling in her face. She does not connect being shut in the bathroom to playing with your fingers either. ALL you can do is keep your fingers away from her, preferably held flat and together, until she's older. A cat's instinct, under circumstance, is to pounce on something smallish that's moving or fluttering in front of them. They can't help it, it's natural, and if punishment is added to the experience, it's just confusing, but they can't translate it into 'stop', even though it makes sense to us. The instinct is greater in some cats, and less so in others. So you're just going to have to wait til she's older (up to a year) and don't give her too many opportunities to pounce, and hopefully she'll forget about them and start chasing other things.
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Jade is teething. Try letting her chew on cooled terry cloth or towel (damp towel that have been chilled in the refrigerator). Or give her chew toys brushed with broth or prior to giving the toys, hold the toys in your hands so they'll get your scent. Jade likes your smell and will chew on anything that has your scent.
And yes, keep your fingers away from her.
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