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Sam, Stormy and the kittie crazies

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Oy Vey they are about to drive me insane. Sam will start crawling around as if on the prowl and then dash back and forth and crawl over me, stomp my head, bounce off the wall climb the cat tree and fly across the room to the top of the dresser.....and REPEAT....REPEAT...REPEAT. After a few rounds of this he will leap over and play attack Stormy. To that she responds by giving chase through his routine so we have two kitties stomping our heads and bouncing off the walls.....only she is really angry. Her body language says "if I catch you youre gonna die" All of this started after we got Sam neutered. He seemed to have gotten back his kitten playfulness. Stormy is generally laid back until he ticks her off. She is a little diva snuggle kittie who doesnt assosiate with the "animals" in the house. Normally I would ignore such an episode because it doesnt happen often but its a nightly thing now and our two large breed dogs go absolutly nuts because of their prey drive and the fact that Sam is light colored and looks like a tastey morsel dashing around. I even had to kennel Sam for a bit until he calmed down.

I am wondering if this is a behavioral thing we can correct. If its going to be permanent because we need to find a way to handle it without anyone getting hurt in our five animal household. Also is it a reaction to the neutering? Or a reaction maybe to Angie our third cat being pregnant and about to have her kittens? Their diets haven't changed and they have both been to the vet recently and are healthy. any advice is welcomed.
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It is normal. I don't think it's a reaction to anything. It's Sam's personality - highly active, highly playful.
But because I don't have big dogs (just one playful, loving shih'tzu) I can't help you with the rest of your questions. I am sure other TCS members will be able to give you more advise.
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