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new kitten

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im getting a new kitten in a couple of weeks
i would like to know what the best way
of training it to be loving and like to be held
and travel places with me
any tips?
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What a good question! Well, what's important is that basic needs are met consistently (like feeding times, play times, an environment that doesn't change every day) so he/she can count on them and feel secure. What's going to be hard is for you to respect who he/she is growing up. Some cats or kittens will want lots of physical cuddle time, but some won't (as kittens, if not adults). We have a 1 1/2 yr old cat who just didn't want to be held a lot when he was younger (and only sometimes now), and we had to respect that, and not try to force him to be different, but still took good care of him, played games him and his toys, and he gradually is coming around, but I also think he was like any adolescent boy - didn't want his mother fussing him all the time! If your cat likes to be petted a lot, that's a bonus, but you can't force it to happen, or punish the cat if they don't want as much cuddling as you - don't forget that cats don't always see cuddling as 'love' the way we do - to them 'food' is love as much as anything - and if they don't cuddle it doesn't mean they don't 'love' us, just that it irritates them to be held and petted sometimes. As far as 'travelling' goes, cats hate it (most do) if it's in cars or any strange and moving place. They like to be on solid ground in a place they know, so don't count on your cat liking to travel - it's against their nature unless they're doing the moving and not a car or something.
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I agree with Larke about cats having their own personalities and the need for us to respect their uniqueness. IMO, if you want a pet to do what you want, you'll be happier with a dog.
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I also agree on getting a dog as well because theres a saying that goes "Cats own us we don't own them".

My Sophie is a love bug when it comes to laying on my lap, but Rosie will only come up on her terms, so if i as much as tried to make her to sit on my lap i'd end up clawed to bits because you can't make them do something they don't want to do.
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