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If your cat(s) was human....

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For some unknown reason I suddenly began to wonder what Rocky would be like if he were human. I had so much fun coming up with an answer for him and Deja Vu, I thought I'd share the idea here too, and hear about what you think your babies would be like.

Rocky would most definitely be a nerdy, geeky Momma's boy who is perfectly happy having Mom cook and clean for him, do his laundry and ironing, and even still cut his meat for hiim. He'll never leave home, why should he? He never has to lift a finger.

He's smart, but Momma's Boys don't usually rise very far, so my guess he'd probably be a pharmacist.

However he does know deep down inside that he is special and to express that, he would run for the Grand Poopah of the Grand Order of the Raccoons. Of course, he'd win, funny hat and all. He'd never realize how silly he looks in his Grand Poopah Raccoon hat though, because, like Ralph Cramden, he'd think it makes him look like King of the World. And to those who love him, he is.

Deja Vu, of course, is his chubby, doting, Jewish mother (who breast fed him until he was 5), who can't wait until he leaves for the day so she can clean up, rest, talk to her friends on the phone to complain about her son (Will he EVER meet a nice girl, get married and LEAVE HOME? You have a very nice niece? Good personality you say? So, maybe you'd like to bring her for Dinner Friday night?)

Then she'd sit and watch her soap operas before starting dinner for no-good son who should have given her grandchildren already, but during dinner, after complaining to him about her day, and all her aches and pains, and after he gives her the bottle of Rolaids she was sure he would have forgotten, she realizes he's the joy of her life and she really wouldn't want to share him with anyone else anyway, and she really never wanted him to leave in the first place.

So, who would your babies be if they were human?
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Mystik would probably be one of them stuck up high school girls that think it's "all about them."

Tracii Guns would've been the one who cares about everyone and is always there for his friends.

Jack Daniels.....Rocker boy..definitly...also my favorite type of boy..
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I kid you not, I was thinking this exact thing, and going to post it, as well! LOL!


Esse: The Mama. She's the stay at home, care-giving, cookie-baking mama that watches over everyone and makes sure all is well, all the time. She'd check on everyone, and reassure everyone in times of strife, like during thunderstorms and earthquakes. She'd be the one you'd want to run to when you fell over and bloodied your knee; while cleaning it, she'd sing to you, and then give you a cute band-aid and a cookie.

Pie: The Wallflower. Never in the middle of anything, and if accidentally found so, she'd cry and hide. She'd be the kid with the Mr. Magoo glasses, and get teased mercilessly. She'd be happiest sitting in a sunny chair at the library, reading quantum physics at 8 but too shy to give her name to the librarian.

Abby: She's the teenage terrorist, the one who you just can't seem to control. She'd have piercings everywhere (and places you don't want to know), purple hair, and ratty jeans...and no top. She'd be the one who would forgo a phone rather than have one called a Princess Slimline. If she ever wore a dress or heels, she'd be dead. She's the ones the cops watch carefully when she's out, because she's liable to join the french youth and riot, not even speaking the language or understanding the cause. She'd just be a wild child. There'd be lots of hope for her future, because even though she's rebellious and a danger to herself and others, she's also brilliant.

Charlotte: She's the Queen of England, the Universe, and Heaven. And watch out, because like a queen, she's as apt to lop off your head as to bestow a knighthood on you. Should she call, you'd best come running. She is, no doubt, the Queen.

Simon: The Pretty Boy. He would always carry a comb (one in each pocket, just to be sure) and use it regularly (as in, every 10 minutes). He'd be the slouching James Dean wanna-be with the snarly attitude until the big kids showed up, and then he'd come on home 'cause he just can't handle blood, especially his. He'd have a ciggie dangling from his lip, but it would never be lit; it's for appearances only. He'd know the latest top 10 hits, have dates every night, and the smart girls would woo him by doing his homework.

Penguin: the hurt, scared, mute, abused child that has been removed from the hurtful home, and still startled that she both made it out alive as well as landed in a home full of love. She'd hope no-one notices, except the Mama, and doesn't trust anyone for any reason...if she can't do it, it doesn't need to be done. And yet, under this tough, hurt exterior, lies a heart of gold, and a joy inexpressible by language and only known in deep looks.

That's my crew. As unalike as possible, and yet somehow, they all manage to get alone pretty well...even Abby.

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