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New kids on the block

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Hello everybody! I've been trying to find a forum about cats for a while now and hopefully I've found one. I have 3 cats, Buckwheat, Spanky and Sugar (I know I should have named her Darla). They are all three my babies. Buckwheat is my oldest. He is the best cat in the whole world (I think). I got him when he was just a tiny little thing. Then we got Spanky, who is breed of Maincoon. Actually Spanky came to us on Christmas Eve the year that we lost our other kitty, Buttons, to Feline Luke. Spanky just appeared out of no where and has been with us every since. Then Spanky escaped from the house one day and was gone for about 2 weeks and I really thought something had happened to him. So my husband and I went to the Human Society and there was this little white kitten that had just come in that picked us out to take her home. She was a fiesty little thing and my husband fell in love with her. Since then we've found out that she is deaf. Which makes her that much more special. Well needless to say that night after we returned to the house with Sugar, Spanky returned home. Dirty and sick, but he came home. So we now have all three of them. Spanky was nursed back to health and doesn't try to escape anymore! Guess he learned a lesson. So that's how my little rascals came about. I have lots of fun stories to share and hope to chat with all of you as time goes on.
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Hi Belinda and welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your cat's stories. By the way, we love pictures!
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Welcome to the site! Your babies sound very lucky to have such good people to take care of them. I think that's great that you took in a special needs kitty, even though you didn't know she had special needs at the time. How do your boys act with her? I'm sure they've gotten used to it, just wondering if they have created different ways of communicating with her or something.

I can't wait to hear all about your kitties. We love talking about our kitties too, and every story is a good spring board!
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WELCOME to our site !!!
I spend lots of hours here and I love reading all replies and seeing all those cute pictures !!! I hope you manage to post pictures soon ; because I'm dying to see those rascals of you !!!!
My cat is named Sydney , black male , 18 months old !
See you often here !!

ps . Where in Missouri are you from ?? We've lived in St.Louis from '83 till '85 !!!
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Thanks for responding to my introduction. Actually my boys have had to learn to communicate with her differently than they had with each other. For instance, Sugar is quit the pigglet. She loves to eat! Anytime I fill up the food bowl she would always just butt right on in and start to eat. At first Buckwheat would hiss at her or growl at her, but of course she couldn't hear him. So it didn't bother her at all. So now he will bop her on the head so that she will look at him. Then she will either know she is in his way or if she's made him mad, he will show his teeth to her or something. It's actually pretty comical to watch them. My other one, Spanky, is the vocal one. He talks all the time. When he's happy or mad. He is still trying to figure out why she doesn't pay any attention to him when he fusses at her or tries to get her attention. So he just circles around her, making lots of noise, until she does notice him. ha ha I have taught her a little bit of sign language, like shaking my index finger back and forth means NO. And when I point my finger towards the ground that means to get down. We let them out into the garage to play and when it's time to come in I just flip the light on and off to get her attention and then wave my hand toward me and she knows to come inside. She is doing really good with figuring out what we mean by our motions. Although me and my husband talk to her all the time and even holler at her for doing stuff knowing that she can't hear us. It's just a habit. It really has been quit an experience with her. Her other senses are sooooo much better due to her deafness.
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Belinda, I had a good hunch that your boys had figured things out with her. Kitties are so smart and so adaptable. I wish people could accept someone different than them in the same way your Buckwheat and Spanky have learned to deal with Sugar.

That's great that she is learning sign language. Cats never cease to amaze me with the things that they can do.
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Welcome Belinda! Thats awesome that you are using sign language to communicate with Sugar. She sounds like a real sweetie. I look forward to your posts and post pics if you have any!
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Sounds like your home if full of kitty excitement
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