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Funny behaviour after litter change

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I've meant to post this before but keep forgetting

I always wash out the litter tray whenever I change their litter and I've noticed that as soon as I put down fresh litter, Bella always goes and has a little sniff and then does a little wee in it. It doesn't matter that she may have had a pee just before I change the litter, she will still squeeze out a little wee as if to say, this is MY litter tray. Cinders certainly doesn't do this and I don't recall Mittens ever doing it either.

I'm not worried but just find it funny that she does this and wanted to share
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One of the funniest things I've ever seen was when I changed the litter while Misty was sleeping on the bed. She woke up, looked at me, flew across the room and into the box and did a little business while I was pouring the litter in.
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Mine do that all the time! Even if I've just scooped it out, one of them has to go in and use it. Heck, I've had them get in the box while I'm scooping it. Of course then I have to stop and wait until they're done!
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Cats are the strangest creatures! Marlee is the same way, except she doesn't always have to do her business, but she'll atleast get in and kick some litter around. To me I've kinda thought its like when a teenage girl's mother cleans her room, and then the girl will mess it up again because she likes things "her way". I figure its just one of her growing up things, like was posted in another thread.
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Sounds familiar!

Even if I change it RIGHT after he's used the box - he'll sit and watch me change the litter, clean it all out and put new in, and when I put it back in its normal spot. he'll jump right in there and go again! Even if its only been 5 minutes since he's gone before!

Silly kitties!
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She marking her territory, just as she would in the wild, in case another cat comes along and wants to use her litter box! It doesn't have to make sense, it's just how cats are.
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Sophies my little litter box girl.

You can guarantee as soon as i've scooped she'll still manage to do something in the tray no matter how small it is
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My three do this too!

It always makes me laugh, as it's as though they are giving their seal of apporval!
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