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Good vibes please for Buddy's new home.

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Our shelter had a cat named Buddy. He'd been with us almost 3 years. Buddy you see is what I like to call an oficial human taste tester. He bites unexpectedly and HARD. At 11 I was sure Buddy would be spending the rest of his days at our shelter. Well yesterday one of the volunteers on my shift informed me her husband had agreed she could take Buddy home. Well I was so happy I started to cry . The only thing is Buddy will have to live in their basement because of their dog Bear (a Chow). I'm not worried about him living in the basement because it's finished & one of her kids has her bedroom in the basement. If it weren't for Bear it would be the perfect situation for Buddy. Bear will not be allowed near Buddy, but they are concerned that his smell & his meowing may drive the dog nuts. So please everyone Buddy needs lots of good thoughts & vibes that this home works out. I can't bear the thought of him coming back & spending the rest of his life in a cage.
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Sending lots of vibes that things work out in Buddy's new home.
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Adding {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Buddy enjoys his new, and forever, home. I hope that the adopters catch an episode of "Dog Whisperer" on National Geographic Channel & let Bear know that Buddy is an official member of the family deserving respect! At least Buddy has an opportunity to be in a home & I hope that he has discontinued the biting!
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Keep sending those good vibes they must be working. The dog isn't even aware that Buddy is in the house and our Bud Man is doing great. He is not living in the cage at all. He's walking around happy as can be & even playing a little. He is of carse still taste testing humans, but that's Bud. This is the best possible outcome for Buddy. I'm so happy I just keep fighting back the tears.
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Prayers and {{{{{Furever Home Vibes}}}}} to Buddy.
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I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Buddy! I love hearing stories like this.

I wrote a reply to another post here about a way to stop cats from biting that worked very well for me (although I know each cat is different). If you're interested, I'll find the post and repeat it here for you.
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I wish I had good news this week. I walked into the shelter this morning & heard Buddy's very distinctive meow & knew he was back. It wasn't the dog, he never even knew he was there. He bit the woman that had adopted him very bad & scared her. I don't blame her at all because she's got children. She said if it weren't for the kids she would have kept him & dealt with it, but she's afraid for the kids. I'm just so broken hearted right now I can't even tell you. I've been crying since i got home. I had to be strong all day & try to not think about it, but now that I'm home I'm letting it all out. These are the days that make this work so hard. Thaks so much for all the good vibes, please send more his way that he finds a forever home.
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Oh, Buddy What a DISAPPOINTMENT for everyone. I hope that your shelter was able to find a more suitable cat for the adoptive family. Those poor kids, they were probably so THRILLED at adopting a kitty only to have it all fall apart. And BUDDY I am adding sending extra {{{prayers and vibes}}} that he finds that special home. Keep a stiff upper lip, Rang (easier said than done, I know) - where there's life, there's hope And TCS board magic
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Just an idea here, but could you or someone perhaps contact some senior citizen groups and apartment complexes (the ones that are independent living).

You might find a whole new avenue for foster or homes for some of these older cats.

Many senior citizens are lonely, but don't take in a pet because they can't afford it, or find it hard to carry litter, etc. (a perfect match for a foster situation).

Many may feel they don't want to take the responsibility of a pet because they don't know if they'll get sick, end up in the hospital, and not be able to care for it for the full lifetime of the pet. That's a perfect situation not only for a foster, but for an older cat.

And perhaps someone could train a potential home or foster on how to teach a cat like Buddy to stop biting. It would also give those seniors who don't have much else in their life, or families, etc., something rewarding and important to do.

It might be a great thing for both them and the animal population.

Perhaps you or someone involved in the shelter could look into it? Perhaps bring a few of the animals with them to give a talk about the joys and benefits of fostering or adopting older cats?

Just a thought.
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I'm sorry Buddy's home did'nt work out I hope someone with patience and experience can provide him with a forever home soon Good luck with him, poor kitty.
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Thanks guys. I am feeling better about it today. This was one of our volunteers who has worked with him for a while, but he's never bit her this bad. So I was very shocked yesterday. I am in charge of the petfinder site for our shelter so I updated his profile to draw some extra attention in the hopes that the right person is out there for him.
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Sigh. I wish I had the room to take him and so many others.

I wish I could save them all.
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Sending good vibes for Buddy -
(((((((((((((((((good vibes)))))))))))))
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Sending more vibes that Buddy finds an understanding forever home.
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I am so sorry buddy's new home didn't work out.

{{{{wishing buddy vibes for finding a new home}}}}
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