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Do cats' legs go to sleep?

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You know how sometimes if we sit or lay in an odd position a hand or a foot, or even a whole arm or a leg can "go to sleep" -- ie feeling is lost for a little while. I was wondering if that can happen to cats. The reason I ask is because I've noticed that several times lately after Rocket has been napping, right after he gets out of bed he won't put any weight on one leg. He holds it up and shakes it -- kind of like he's trying to get feeling back in it (just what we'd do) -- and then after a couple minutes he's fine.
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Okay I havent discected a cat to see the nervous system ( I tested out of that clas in college) but from what I have read it is simliar to us and thus I would think quite possible for them like us to have things fall alseep ... just to be safe call the vet
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I'd prolly take him into the vet just cuz i'm an over-protective mama cat, but I'm quite sure it's possible for that to happen, especially in older animals... my black lab is 12 now, so she's doin a lot of sleeping (haha) I've seen her get up many times with similar behavior to what you're describing... she's older and has some muscle/joint problems that naturally come with age (and just stuff prone to big dogs)... she's in and out of the vet a lot so we've asked and she's been tested for all kinds of things and there's no nerve or neurological problems... but if it was Oliver, I'd take him in just to rule out anything more serious than just a case of sleepy legs - better safe than sorry is always my policy with my animals!
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