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Vibes for my uncle please

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I don't ask many vibes but I received another update phone call from my mom.
Uncle Bill had been diagnosed with diverticulitis. He had a "bag" attached. He had surgery about 10 days ago to remove this bag and have his colon re-attached?? This is supposed to be a 5 day hospitalization. He developed severe pain so yesterday he had surgery for 4 hours. The stoma(?) had reopened along with some stitches on one of the muscles. He is in intensive care and will be there for two weeks. One doc said his kidney's weren't functioning very well either. My aunt is stressing over this!!
Vibes would be appreciated.
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Get well vibes heading his way. hope all goes well.
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I hope everything works out soon Gail!
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I will pray for your uncle!
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I'm sending vibes, Gail. What a difficult, and scary, situation for your family.
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Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
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That's a scary turn of events, Gail. Definitely vibes on the way.
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oh my goodness. That certainly sounds like a lot for a person to go through and it must be very stressful for your aunt (and family)

I hope he gets well soon!
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Gail, I sent prayers for your Uncle and Aunt.
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Gail, I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers
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Gail, your uncle and the rest of your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm sending you many vibes Gail for your Uncle.
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I'm sending plenty of {{{prayers and vibes}}} to the entire family! Your poor uncle - kidney pain is so brutal, plus kidney involvment often limits the choices for treating the other pains! Plus, his medical situation is uncomfortable on so many, many levels...Bless your aunt for being such a good, devoted wife!! And you, too, for being such a wonderful niece! Please keep us posted & let us know how the TCS Board Magic is working! Susan
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How scary! I am sending lots of vibes to him and your family.
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What a scary time! Sounds like just when he was supposed to be feeling better, too! Hugs to you and your Aunt...and prayers he makes a full recovery SOON!
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*sending lots of vibes*!!!

My grandmother had colon cancer, but she ended up having the bag for the rest of her life which was 18 or 19 years
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I spoke with mom a little while away. The "bag" re-attachment will be permanent now. Also when they did the second surgery the surgeon sounded grossed out as the 2 pints of blood leaked into his chest cavity and was really smelly. EEEWWWWWW!!!
Anyhow he did sit up a couple of times today!!!
Thanks for all the vibes.
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Sorry...I just read your thread for the first time.
It sounds like your Uncle is having a very difficult time of it.
I will add him to my prayers Gail.
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