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Do kittens change alot as they grow up?

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It seems like Zissou is changing alot the past few weeks. She is about seven months old.
She is her same old happy self except for the ways she gets into "trouble". Now she destroys rolls of toilet paper unless they are out of her reach, dumps over her water bowl, and gets up on the kitchen counters. She never used to do any of these things at all.
She also sleeps in the spot on the couch that she did when she was tiny but hasn't been since.
And, she's started licking me. Which is very odd. Not excessively, but when I'm sleeping she licks my chin and the insides of my elbows.

Is it just normal growing up? Is she bored? Stressed?
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She has turned into a teenager
Chloe is 10 mths and has times like that.
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Rambo went through the teenage "grumps"...at least that's what i called them. He would eat and sleep and refuse to cuddle. He wouldn't play with Lucky, and would occasionally just jump on her for no reason. Now he still eats all the time, sleeps, but now enjoys his cuddles, plays with Lucky...(but still occasionally jumps on her and bites her bum...go figure!)
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She definitely isn't refusing the cuddle. I woke up last night to her laying on my arm with her head tucked under my chin purring. She slept like that for a while until I woke her up coughing (stupid flu!). That's another weird thing is that she seems to not like my roommate as much anymore. We used to be about equal, he would play with her before bed and such, but now she is all up on me, which is better since she will be my cat in a few months.

Good to know that she is just being a little middle-schooler! And that she will normalize a little as she gets older.
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I'm reading this thread with much interest as my girls are almost 8 months old and I've noticed that Cinders' behaviour has changed a little in that she used to be as good as gold and now she is a little bit naughty. I'm so glad to hear that it's just "teen troubles"
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Marlee is the same way! I have one of the "self waterers" (sp?) so its hard for her to tip over, but I still have to leave it sitting on a towel becaues she puts her paws in and spashes everywhere! The toilet paper thing is all too familiar. I used to keep a spare roll in my bedroom, for my runny nose, etc. and can no longer do that. Atleast she doesnt go for whats on the roll in the bathroom! Also, she has gotten really bad about playing with ANYTHING laying around. I am very good about keeping anything dangerous out of her reach, but at like 5am she will start knocking pictures/candles/etc of the dresser just to make noise I think. Crazy Cats, huh?
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