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radio question of the day: 03/20/06

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Today is the first day of spring. Will you spring clean?
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NO. I don't like to do a top to bottom clean although I should.
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I've already done it. But now I'm kind of upset and when I'm upset I clean, So yes! I will re-do all my spring cleaning when I get home from work tonight !
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I voted that I have a maid - well, it's actually hubby (don't tell him I called him a maid!!!!)

Hubby is having an amazing spring clean. We're in the middle of it right now. He is sifting through our 20 odd years of treasure to prepare the house for a possible move.
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I do spring clean. I don't actually enjoy the cleaning part but I like the satisfaction of a totally fresh and clean apartment!
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I bought fresh smelling candles to burn and make the house smell good too. I want to Open all the windows and air the house out though too. This thread is making me want to clean really good!!
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As much as I don't want to I will do a spring cleaning. We have only been in this apartment for about 2 1/2 years.. I don't know how we managed to accumulate all this junk!!!!!! It's not a big place so I want to get rid of some things we don't use anymore. We have run out of space!!!

One thing that is good, we take what we don't want to a local flea market and sell it. Last summer we made a few hundred bucks. Not only did we get rid of stuff that was taking up room but we got some money out of it -- money we can use to buy more stuff! haha
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I only clean when the hubby pushes me to. He is the neat freak in the house, not me!
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I haven't even completed last year's spring cleaning. Or the year before...
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I am OCD (not seriously, I don't think....) about cleaning the house. I hate clutter and I am constantly throwing things away. I don't really have anything to "Spring Clean".
I did buy one of those new Wisp air fresheners or the bathroom today though. Guess that's my Spring Cleaning!
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I don't do an "official" Spring Cleaning - I voted for 'whenever the urge hits' - sometimes I just wake up and I'm like "I gotta clean NOW!!" I usually get a lot done though. And it usually does happen more often in the spring.......
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I clean when the urge hits.
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I'm a morng cleaner.... unfortunately I work 7 days a week and start in the moring every one of 'em, so I picked I never clean, I like the lived in look
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I clean when the urge hits.
Same here, I don't have time to do a full spring clean!
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I like to "spring Clean" during the summer, when I'm not going to school and then once right before christmas. I like to get rid of things i don't need or what then, so I don't become a packrat and to give donations to local charities like kids cloths and such. Plus I have the time.
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Erm, the only time I clean is when I see something messy wihch is about once a week.

Normally, I'll look at a section of the apartment, say "thats messy!" and clean it a few days later.

Although I do clean my computer of stuff like every single day. My computer is neater/organized better than my apartment.
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I usually do a big clean when I move...which latley has been about every 6 months to a year
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I clean my house every Saturday!
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I voted "I have a maid". For not a lot of bucks, we do have people come in every two weeks, to keep us cleaned up. Our general household MO is "if it isn't something that one of us does willingly, then whoever it bugs first gets to do it" -- the only trouble with that is that we are both messier than possible, but not dirty, and the cleaning just didn't happen unless we were having people in. Then we both had the same thought at the same time, and arranged for a maid service. They stay on top of everything, and if something extraordinary needs to happen, it's just a phone call to arrange it. When we retire, maybe we'll do it ourselves -- but maybe we'll be too old and decrepit
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I clean all the time, but when it gets warmer and I can open the doors, I will do a top to bottom cleaning, it usually happens four times a year. two times in the warmer months and two times in the winter, but I open the doors then too, just make sure that it is not snowing or exteremly cold so the cats can sit on the porches. They hate the vacum.
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