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Going to Mexico!!!!!

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I am soooooo excited!! My boyfriend and I bought a trip to Mexico (Riviera Maya) for May and the travel agent just called to let me know all my tickets are here!! That makes it seems real now.
I would love to be there now instead of here in the rain.
Just wanted to share that...
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Oh how exciting! My birthday is in May, can I go with?!

That'd be a great bday present!
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How exciting! You two will have a blast!!
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I love Mexico (normally I go further south on the Pacific side). Can't you just see yourself stting on a beach, drinking something tropical? The resort I go to has cats - mousers or lizarders - they also came to me at dinner (outdoor buffet) as I would always make sure they eat like kings!
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Where are you staying? I went in 10/04 to one of the Iberostars. Too bad Rigel (coolcat) hasn't been around lately, he could give you some tips.
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I am staying at Sunscape Puerto Aventuras. I went there summer before last and the hotel was Oasis Puerto Aventuras but they got hit by a hurricane (I think it was) and had to renovate the hotel.

Yes, they had feral cats that hung around out there. One was cross-eyed and mean but I loved him!! The cats and the iguanas were sadly one of the highlights of the trip--only b/c I love animal soooo much. In fact, half my pix were of them .

Babyharley, you're more than welcome to come with...
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Sounds wonderful..........I'm not jealous!
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Muy Bien!!! Congrats!
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