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I know he is a moggy but

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I am curious ... Are there any cat breeds with tails that go up and over the haunches say like a pomerain or a husky?? I ask since my new feral has one he also has folded ears and is a ginger tabbie
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Not sure if there really is a "breed" that people are working on, but I've heard of it before. Maybe not as tight to the body but the cats kinda carry it over their backs as they walk.
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yup thats him carrys it up and over
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I saw a lot of them as strays when i was in asia. Very cute!
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I don't know that it's associated with a particular breed but it sure is cute! One of my cats does this. What's funny is that his tail is so long that it comes all the way to the base of his skull when he does this. His tail is just about exactly as long as his body. And since he's 3 now, I guess he's not ever going to grow into it...or grow into his ears either, lol!

One of my current fosters often carries his tail curled downward in a corkscrew. Now that's goofy looking! There's nothing wrong with his tail, it's just how he likes to carry it.
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There is a breed called the Singaling .Is your new cat's tail like those?
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Originally Posted by cagnes
There is a breed called the Singaling .Is your new cat's tail like those?
the base of tail yes.. but new kitty s tail lays on his back..
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Wow, that's a neat breed. That's interesting how they have to pay close attention to personality in order to get cats that will frequently ring their tails.
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One of my fosters has a tail very similar to that. It's ironic to me that the "breed" originated with a rescued moggy. My ring-tailed foster, Buster, has a littermate who is a bobtail, meaning that Buster has a 66% chance of also carrying the bobtail gene. But obviously the only way I know he might be a carrier of that gene is because I have his brother who happens to manifest the bobtail trait. It would be funny (from my rescue perspective which makes me very much against the deliberate creation of new "breeds") to see someone try to make a new breed from Buster and one of his relatives only to find out that 25% of the kittens were not only not ringtails, but they didn't even have tails at all!
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I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but my cat carries her tail in an arc all the time (it's fluffy and she knows it. lol), so when she holds it straight, it arcs over her back, so that the stripes going across it are straight.
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Originally Posted by cagnes
There is a breed called the Singaling
I think the breed is the American Ringtail and Singaling is a cattery name.
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My boy Winston carries his tail curved up and over his back a lot of the time. He is part maine coon and part who knows what.
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Persians also carry their tails that way. Mine do.
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