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kittens and cameras? pic inside!

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Hi, the kittens just opened their eyes a few days ago and i was wondering if it is ok to use a flash camera when they are looking at the camera. Or would it be that the flash is too bright and it could hurt their eyes? Btw they are a little over a week old in the picture above! I will get more online soon!
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so no replies... i guess im just being paranoid?rather be safe then sorry i guess.
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I don't think it hurts to take a few pics. They are just so darned cute, you have to share the joy, right?

Your babies look like two of my litter! There is a limit here to picture size, so unless you resize it to less than 640 p wide (I think), they will delete the pic. There are detailed instructions at the top of the fur pics forum.

You can certainly post the pics here in the pregnant kitty forum, but more people will probably see them on the fur pic forum.
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oh ok thanks! i will probably have a link to the pic then. the black kitten seems a lot more shy then the gray one. the gray is walking around a lot more and more affectionate but the black one is able to walk better and open its eyes first. im just worried that the black one maybe sick or something..yet he/she is the biggest one out of the 2. i heard that girls are less active at first... is that true? we dont know if the black one is a girl or boy!
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I guess since no one had said the flash will hurt their eyes then mabey it wont hurt them? I always worried about that too! But no body came and posted "hey, no, don't do it it hurts them" so it is probley safe for them, or some one would have said differently, lol.
They are so cute! I love babies, I can't wait for mine to come!!!!!
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I try to avoid taking direct pictures of kits when they just open their eyes. Better to be on the safe side
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I don't know why but this thread didn't show up as "new" or unread to me so I must have missed it ...

Actually flash photos in kittens with newly opened eyes can be harmful. It is better to use a flash that has been diffused. You can take a little piece of tissue and tape it over the flash unit on your camera to do this. As an added benefit, most of the time, the light is so diffused that you don't get red-eye! *grin*

Don't put the tape over the flash, just tape the edges of the tissue to the camera body.

It also helps to divert their attention slightly away from looking straight on at the camera. If you are more graceful than I am *wink* you can dangle a toy or something interesting over your shoulder to have the kittens look slightly away from the direct flash.
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Well i'm glad that this thread has been answered now, I was begining to think that the flash wouldn't hurt the newborns eyes since no one had come and said any thing, lol I guess it got missed before.
I like the idea of putting tissue over the flash, it will make my raggies eyes the beautiful blue they are instead of the red I usually get when I take a picture, lol. I had never thought of that. (Acually I have gotten many good ideas out of this site, I guess I don't think of much)
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This picture was taken with a normal flash ... even though the kittens appear to be looking directly at the camera, they are actually looking right over the top of my head where my husband was dangling a particularly well-loved toy.
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well last time i checked this thread no one had said anything about it. they have had their eyes open a week and today i took some pics.. now im scared it hurt them!!! they just squinted their eyes a little then went back to doin whatever they wanted to.... should i be worried now??? i will not take any pictures of them straight at the camera anymore im not 100% sure they were looking directly at the camera when i took them but im still worried
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i just called the vet bc im so worried and he said it shouldnt hurt them since their eyes have been open for a week but im still going to put the piece of tissue over it like suggested in previous posts! thank you!!!!
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You are probably fine ... and so are the babies. It just is better when they are ~first~ opened that you don't use a flash. I am horribly sorry if my post concerned you!
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oh it is fine!!! i appreciate the help! i get a little paranoid when it comes to my cats because they are my babies and grandbabies so i am way over protective! lol i found out that they are ok and that is all i needed to hear my little heart has settled back down
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Oh well good then ... *smile* By the way, your babies are quite pretty.
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i must correct u and say they arent my babies but grandbabies but thank you!!!! they are adorable! the gray one loves his belly rubbed and plays with you when he is on his side/back. the black one is very shy but is bigger then the gray one and can walk better and open his eyes first so we have just summed it up that he is probably just a lazy cat! lol
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I stand corrected then! *grin* They sound quite sweet! I love to kiss those little fat bellies. It won't be too long before I have babies around here again - I have been missing their amusing little personalities.
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i cant wait til you have kittens too! i think it is great when their personalities start and they are so different right off the bat! it amazes me. this is my first litter of kittens i have ever taken care of and they surprise me every day
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I have told this story here before, so those of you who have already heard it, please forgive me ...

With the first litter that Lexus and Tonka produced, Lexus would have absolutely no part of being in the queening crate. She was going to have those babies on my bed come hell or high water and there was nothing anyone could do about it. *grin* So, I let her. And of course, ended up sleeping with Lex and her 5 babies for about 4 to 5 weeks. *LOL*

When the babies all had their eyes open and were just beginning to venture away from Lexus a bit, I woke up a little suddenly and turned only to see a 3 week old baby sitting right next to my head, staring at me. When I looked, he got all puffed up and hissed at me with his eyes big and round as if to say ... "WHOA! WHAT ARE YOU????" and went running as fast as his little wobbly legs would carry him. I can honestly say I have never laughed that hard or that long and to this day, I still laugh at that.
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lol that is the cutest thing ever!!! i could picture it in my head what it would look like. oh wow i actually was laughin out loud and my fiance looked at me like i was crazy hehe

oh quick question i have always wanted to know what breed one of my cats fit mostly to.. she is a stray so i know she is not full breed and she is a poly.. is there anywhere on this site i could post her pic and ask opinions on what breed she seems to fit in most with or is there not a place on this site for this? i think she looks a lot maine coon but not a broad jaw line
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Well, the answer would be, of course, that she is a mixed-breed domestic shorthaired cat, but if you would like to post her picture in Fur Pictures and see what others think, that would be the place to do it.
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short haired? i think we will change that to extra long haired furry perfect princess i was just wondering if she had a lot of maine coon in her or not just curiosity i guess i will post her pic and see what people think about that idea
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i cant find fur pictures on the site... i think i might be a little slow today
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Originally Posted by kittiekitten
i cant find fur pictures on the site... i think i might be a little slow today
you can find it under the cat lounge - it says fur pictures only
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haha thanks. i just i just didnt read all the extra stuff!!!
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Originally Posted by kittiekitten
short haired? i think we will change that to extra long haired furry perfect princess i was just wondering if she had a lot of maine coon in her or not just curiosity i guess i will post her pic and see what people think about that idea

Ooops! Sorry, yes, longhaired. *blush*

Just remember to post the link here so that we can all bask in her loveliness too! We LOVE pictures you know. Did I mention we love pictures? I have probably said this before but ... we love pictures. *wink*
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